Homemade Dinner

I am SO loving my kitchen and my garden! Today I finally decided I was going to use all the tomato’s I have already harvested to can up some homemade Marinara Sauce. garden goodies

I used my fresh Basil as well in the homemade Marinara. First I blanched, skinned and cored the tomato’s. I am now thinking the skinning was an extra step.  After this I put them in the blender and liquified them. I ran this through a strainer which would have caught any bits of skin and it caught all of the seeds as well. I poured this into a pot on the stove and turned up the heat. As the tomato sauce boiled I chopped and blended up some onion, garlic, and peppers. I then added it all to the boiling tomato sauce. Then I threw a bunch of Basil leaves into the food processor and added it to the mix along with some Bay leaves, Oregano, pepper and sea salt. I am not putting exact measurements because it is all a matter of personal preference so you can add what ever you like to your own Marinara sauce, and to be honest I didn’t measure.  I continued to boil the mix until it was the thickness I prefer for my Marinara sauce.

As the Marinara was boiling I started boiling some water in a pot for my jars and lids and rings.  I took out one jar at a time and filled it with the sauce then took out a lid and ring and screwed them tight. Then I moved on doing the same thing from jar to jar until they were full. What was left was what we enjoyed for supper tonight. When they were all full I put them back into a pot of boiling water covering the lids and let it boil for a 1/2 hour then took them out and placed them on a wooden cutting board I have to cool off.  As they started cooling I heard the familiar popping as they all sealed tight then I used a sharpie and wrote on the lids the date and Marinara sauce.

Our dinner was not a square meal by any stretch of the imagination but that’s alright on occasion. We made up some Homemade Breadsticks that came from this recipe Olive Garden Breadsticks. We also enjoyed some corn on the cob straight from the garden (not mine). The neighbor heard me crying about how none of my was ready yet so she bought me some this evening. LOVE MY NEIGHBORS! 🙂 So Yes, our dinner consisted of corn on the cob and breadsticks with Marinara sauce, lol.  Hey, no one is complaining except maybe me now that I am thinking about the dirty dishes I still need to wash. Oh wait we also had the rest of the fruit salad I made yesterday with dinner does that improve anything? 🙂 I hope you all have a GREAT week. I won’t be on much tomorrow since we were told our internet will be down most of the day tomorrow as they update a cell tower.



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