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You know we are a book loving family that homeschools and has Story-Time every night before bed.  Look at this face.  How do you think he feels about his new book? My kids love when we receive children’s books to review but are beyond excited when one of them comes personalized. Since the last one came for Ryan this one was for Ryker.  We were given the opportunity to pick out a My Royal Birthday Adventure book for either a boy or a girl.  The one created for girls is with Unicorns instead of a Dragon but equally as amazing and just as beautiful as this story.   I will tell you over the course of the last, very-busy, week Ryker picked this book as the one he wanted me to read 5 out of 7 days and the only reason it wasn’t 7 out of 7 is because he fell asleep too early on the other two days. 🙂 Both boys sit glued to my every word as I read this story.

This beautiful hard-cover book arrived in perfect condition.  It comes in a super sturdy cardboard box that holds it right in place.  This beautiful hard- cover book has a cutout on the front like a banner and it starts the Personalization process as it frames the title, Ryker’s Royal Birthday Adventure.  The colors are so vivid and bright I love it. Ryker's Royal Birthday Adventure coverThen you open up the book to the cover page where you can have a special message to your special child. Mine says, “This book was made especially for Ryker who arrived on December 11, 2008.  With love on your 5th birthday 2013”.  No, he is not 5 yet but will be all too soon.

Then the story begins and I SEE me doesn’t miss any chance to incorporate the child’s name into the story. On the very first page Ryker wakes to a birthday show of five royal trumpeters lined up in a row. They have little banners on each of their trumpets spelling out his name.

The story is told in fun and majestic rhymes! It is so easy to read this story in a fun way that just totally captures the childrens heart and thoughts. Every time I have read this book the boys have sat glued. When you can read the story in an interesting way it just captures them from the first word.

Ryker its the inside that countsThis was my favorite rhyming part of the story. One part of it reads, “”Dear Ryker, you are our brave birthday knight today because you are special in every which way.  You’re a striking young boy, but that’s only one part. It’s the inside that counts. It’s what’s found in your heart. You’re generous, caring, creative and kind, curious and humorous with an intelligent mind.”Ryker flying on his dragon

At one part Ryker flies off on a dragon to an enchanted kingdom. The castle had turrets with flags spelling out his name. Royal Knight Rykers Room was spelled out above the door to his room inside the castle. A magical scroll appears and unrolls and lists all guests that are invited to Ryker’s Royal Birthday Party. The hedges in the courtyard spell out his name and there is a Happy Birthday Ryker banner when his beautiful 10 tier birthday cake arrives.  After the show comes to an end with trumpeters, jugglers, jesters, drummers, fire dancers and more he boards a majestic gold boat for a moonlit parade and the stars spell out his name in the sky! ryker royal boatWe are totally in love with this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars. We highly recommend this to EVERYONE!  I believe a good education is crucial to our children’s future and books are a HUGE part of this. Why not give the gift of reading a personalized story to the special children in your life?

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In addition to these great personalized story books they also offer personalized coloring books that turn your little girl into a fairy princess, spell out your child’s name in rhyme and special ones for Christmas and Easter!  They also offer 20 different designs in personalized placemats for your boy or girl.  My favorites are the personalized story books. It’s not just birthday adventure books they have either. They have back to school books, baptism, new baby, first communion and so many more!! There is probably one for your next special even just check them out HERE to see.
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