Ryan turned 6 years old

I am so behind on my posts since we have been partying at our house. 🙂 First we had Ryan’s birthday party on June 28th. He is now a 6-year-old! Ryan I am so proud of the gentleman you are becoming. I don’t know a sweeter young man. Opening doors for everyone and helping other kids up if they fall on the soccer field. You are an outstanding young man!6 yr old Ryan

My big man went with me to the local bakery and decided on a chocolate cake with strawberry filling, whipped topping decorated with a soccer ball. Let me tell you how yummy that was! Nice choice big guy. 6th bday cake

We met up with Oma and Opa at Incredible Pizza for some awesome fun and fun! This was our first trip to Incredible Pizza and we ARE impressed.  We couldn’t believe how much food there was on the buffets.  After totally, over-stuffing ourselves we decided we were too full for cake so we would take it home for later, but first presents and then…..play time!! Ryan has been talking about and wanting Electronic Battleship for several months now so that was one of his big surprises and he also got a new awesome tank and a hand-held Battleship game. He hugged everyone.

hugs to opa hugs to Oma








hugs to daddyhugs to sissy









His oldest sister had to work so when she got off work she stopped by with her boyfriend and presents for Ryan as well. We decided that was a great time to eat some of that yummy birthday cake as well. He got a Nerf machine gun, a toy bow with arrows, an angry birds t-shirt and the game Trouble. He had a great birthday and had a wonderful time with everyone!

skeet ball


Play time!

Wow, that place it huge and has such an awesome selection. The kids ran straight for the skeet ball tables… that is always a favorite. Then it was hard to choose what to do next. There were movies, a bowling alley, laser tag, bumper cars, putt-putt and a tons of arcade type games. Savannah, Ryan, Ryker and I played a round of Laser tag and had SO MUCH FUN!! Then Oma, Daddy and Ryan played some putt-putt golf. Savannah, Ryker and I went off to play some of the other arcade type games and soon we were heading back to the house with Opa while Oma went back home. This was all part of the master plan for Michael’s surprise birthday party the next day. My husband turned 40 on June 30th but we planned his surprise party for the 29th.

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