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camp logoWOW!! This was an emotional roller coaster of a video and has me rethinking becoming a foster parent again. This movie will make you feel all sorts of emotions as you enjoy it. It is rated PG-13 but I found it to be alright to watch with my young children.  I wouldn’t want them to watch it alone but we watched it together so we could talk about what we saw in the movie. This movie was inspired by experiences of Royal Family Kids Camp leaders and counselors.

The movie centers mostly around two characters: Ken (greedy, self-centered, money hungry, financial-adviser) and Eli (badly scarred 10-year-old foster child who’s mother died of an overdose and dad had recently put him in the hospital). The money hungry, Ken, volunteers to be a camp counselor at this camp for the sole purpose of winning a new client and her money. Eli basically hates everyone and trusts no one at this point so bad things are bound to happen when the two of them are paired up for camp. By the end of the one week camp, they lives were both changed forever.  It really is a roller coaster of emotions that you will feel while watching this movie but one that I truly loved and it really did inspire me and get me thinking again. I am not sure if we could do foster care at this point but I am definitely thinking about it again.

I think this is an inspiring movie that everyone should see and in reality we could use a lot more movies like this one! Just check out the movie trailer below.


I hope to tell you about another great movie also from Word Films in the coming days called Season of  a Lifetime, so be watching out for that one as well.  The movie is available on Blueray or DVD HERE. You can also support and keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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