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Bathroom Odor Eliminator

Seriously, this is something we have all dealt with or more than likely deal with on a daily basis.  Whether it’s your significant other at home, an office bathroom, a public restroom or even worse you are the culprit using someones  bathroom or a public restroom. We have all walked into a public restroom and gagged. This is a product that should be in everyone’s purse or pocket. IT REALLY WORKS. I saw the opportunity for the review and laughed but signed up for it because I am a curious person. Yes, I know what curiosity did to the cat but not this time.

It was early in the morning when my husband said, “So do you want me to try this?” I was like, “I haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet but OK”. In  my head I am thinking, the last thing I want to do right now is walk in the bathroom and take a big whiff after you do your business but lets do this.  I am such a trooper aren’t I? I couldn’t believe how well it really works. There was just a faint smell of “you know”. You don’t have to take my word for it as Dr OZ is a believer and user as well.

This product is made from plant extracts, disinfectant and fragrance and is environmentally friendly as well as safe for your plumbing. This product is suitable for any toilet whether it’s your home, office, camper or portable toilet and it will NOT harm your septic system! It is the simplest thing to use. It comes in single packets like we reviewed, or in a .5oz bottle. The bottle is good for up to 400 uses since it only requires one drop per use. Using the packets you simply empty one in the toilet BEFORE use and it creates a deodorizing layer that traps 98% of embarrassing personal odor before they have a chance to escape into the air. The product itself has a deodorizing/cleaner type smell to it which is definitely better than the alternative.  They also offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.  It is not currently sold in stores but is available HERE and is approved by and used by Dr. OZ as you can see below.

My husband stated, “He would be taking the rest with him”. He said they would definitely improve even just his own personal space in public restrooms since he is always on the road. I also thought this would be perfect for my parents as they travel during the winter months in their RV. It’s also nice to have just in case. You know those times where you are not at home and your digestive system malfunctions and you have no choice but to take care of business elsewhere. After reviewing this product we definitely give it 2 thumbs up.

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