Mira Digital Kitchen Scale Review

I was thrilled to receive this digital scale for review because I was seriously needing one as I started canning for the first time this year.  I also have several German recipes that use grams that I have been dying to try. My mother-in-law and I actually sat down once to translate a German recipe so we could make it. This scale is REALLY nice. It comes with a very nice stainless steel mixing bowl as well as you can see in the picture above. The bowl is separate thought so you can use it or a plate or another bowl if you need or want to. Plus it makes it so simple to store.
This digital scale is made by Mira Brands and comes with a lot of neat features besides the bowl. This isn’t some cheesy little bowl either, it measures 9.6″ across the top.  Another neat feature is the large, easy to read digital screen with the blue back-light. It is a really clear and easy to read display and this scale has an 11-pound capacity! This scale measures in ounces, pounds or grams and it was created with 4 high- precision sensors to give you an accurate reading every time.  It also comes with a great function allowing you to zero out the bowl so you weight only the contents. Not only can you zero out the bowl but as you want to add more ingredients you can zero it out again so you weight only the new ingredient! HOW COOL IS THAT!  I also love it for separating out bulk meat I buy at the store or other bulk products for example hamburger. I can divide it into smaller packages for freezing or I can create hamburgers that are all the same weight.
Portion control….I hadn’t even thought about that. This awesome scale could also be used for portion control for monitoring your food on your diet.  Mira Brands also stands behind their products so this scale comes with a full warranty, so if at any time in the future you need product support, you just contact the MIRA Support Team.
I am so totally thrilled with this scale and have already used it a half dozen times with my canning recipes but I still haven’t tried out any German recipes yet but I WILL. I would definitely recommend this scale to anyone in the market for a new kitchen scale. By the way the scale runs on 3 regular AAA batteries which are included but when you need new ones it’s simple and no special batteries are required. It has an auto shutoff feature after one minute of inactivity to save your batteries as well.
You can buy yours TODAY on sale for $27. 99 on AMAZON right HERE. I don’t know how long it will stay at this price as you now how Amazon works but it sells normally for $34.99 which is still a great price!
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