We moved here outside the Tulsa area just over a year ago and began searching for our new church home. We have been attending Church on the Move now for probably 6 months or so now and really enjoy it. This church has a great kids program that my children love going to and we love the message we hear when go as well. Pastor Willie George and his sons are wonderful pastors and really deliver. The thing is that this church is a Mega-church and is just over half an hour from our home. We haven’t connected with anyone┬á really at the church nor have our children so we are thinking about trying out a couple churches closer to home in hopes of making those connections. If it’s not a good program we won’t attend for the connections but don’t want to miss out on something that may be great with more of an opportunity to connect locally. You know we homeschool so more connections for the children, especially my 13-year-old daughter would be a plus.

Anyhow my daughter wasn’t feeling so great this evening and the roads here are still icy from the snow we got Thursday and Friday. Enter the devil….I said, “Honey, if you aren’t feeling well we can just stay home tonight”. Knowing it wasn’t that serious. This was the devil winning. My wonderful daughter set me back straight sending the devil packing by replying with, “We really should go”. I said OK and that was that. Then the devil poked his head back out there and my daughter replied, “Unless you don’t want to go”. I kicked his butt out for good and said, “No, that’s great. We will leave shortly after 5”. This was obviously meant to be as you will soon read.

This was the first time I have left the house since it started snowing. It was not some crazy blizzard or anything just 3.5″ of snow or so. I figured the road would be perfectly clear but I was wrong. They are definitely not as diligent about clearing the roads as they had been back near Oklahoma City. I started feeling grumpy as I navigated the covered roads. I grew up in Michigan so driving on it was not a big deal but I was upset at their condition. Then I got grumpier as I got stuck behind people who did not know how to drive in the winter. Some of these people drove so slowly even when the roads were perfectly clean and dry….sigh. Darn devil is messing with me. I had thought about turning around and going back home but pushed on.

We finally made it to the interstate and it was much better so we were finally getting somewhere. We were going to make it on time to church when we took that left onto Gilcrease. It was almost 6p.m. so it was getting dark. I noticed a car in the median out of the corner of my eye but I was concentrating on the roads that had, once again taken a turn for the worse, when my daughter pointed out near the car. There’s a person and she has a baby. Mind you it is probably about 22 degrees out. So we carefully and slowly made our way over, flipped on the flashers and started in reverse. I told my daughter we may not make it to church tonight after all but this is where God wanted us. ThankfulI jumped out and made my way to the young woman carrying an infant carrier. She told me they had friends on the way but I said why don’t you all come sit in the van with the kids and I and stay warm. They agreed and climbed in but we soon decided it wasn’t really safe sitting there so we took the next exit to wait for their friends at the corner store. This young couple just got this car and were on their way to church. The gentleman was visibly upset about it but the young woman was just so thankful and had a great state of mind. She was very positive and upbeat and reassuring to her husband and no one was injured. They were a great couple and their friends that soon arrived were too. We hugged and they thanked us and we were all off on our own way. We did go on to church though we were a little late.

We got all checked in and the boys in their classes and my daughter and I watched service on one of the monitors in the lobby. God puts us where we are supposed to be when we need to be there but we have to listen and keep the devil at bay. It was a great message at church tonight and we were glad to be able to be a blessing to a wonderful young family that through their gratefulness and thankfulness were also a blessing unto my family. Best wishes to them and to all of you. Read the image below. We should keep this in mind when we are talking with our Father and teach this to our children as well. Hugs everyone!

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