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Book CoverThis is the book from FlattenMe that we were given the opportunity to review. My boys, ages 6 and almost 5, absolutely love receiving personalized books to read. Actually my son, Ryan, the 6-year-old asked why this one was Ryker’s because he wants another one. 🙂 Before I show you more from this specific book just look at some of the other awesome books they can create from name only books to name and face. Here are some of the name and face books. I just love the Super dad one that looks awesome! Cover Photo

They also create thing besides books like personalized t-shirts, wall art, water bottles and cards.

flattenme Polar Bear Personalized Invitations & Thank You Notes -1flattenme Mushroom Fairy Personalized Invitations & Thank You Notes -1flattenme dinosaur Personalized Invitations & Thank You Notes -1———————————————————————————–

Back to our book review.

_________ is A Multicolor kid is available in either hardcover for $34.95 or paperback for $29.95.
The hardcover version is simply beautiful with a glossy finish and is 28-pages long.  I simply think personalized books are the most precious keepsake gifts you can give. As an adult I still remember when I was very young and received a personalized book from one of my aunts. I thought it was simply amazing and I will tell you personalized books have come a long way since they but I still have that book and read it to my children on occasion.

This book tells your child that they contain all the amazing colors of the rainbow like white is their courage and blue is imagination. This personalized book tells the recipient that they are a special child and loved. Having their name included in story books from an early age encourages their interest in reading from the start.

Peronsonalization pageThis is the first page inside of the book which allows you to write a personal note to your special child. I still haven’t written in mine for Ryker yet but need to. This will make the keepsake even more special.

Colorful personalized pages insideThe colors on the pages are bright and vivid just like the child the story is written for.

Blue is for imagination.

Blue page

Red= raging red temper when it’s time for bed.

Red page

Ryker thinks green describes him the best. With gobs and gobs of gooey green, Ryker may never again be clean. Gooey Green Never CleanBig brother Ryan thinks maybe red is more descriptive of his little brother.Ryan and the Red pageI am sure he is talking about the page that talks about how he is sweet and snuggly.

Back cover

The back cover is just as colorful as the front.

We really enjoyed this book and think books are always good gifts but personalized books are AMAZING gifts! This book is intended for children from ages 0 to 6 years old! It is available in English only. Please allow 1.5 weeks for delivery of your custom book. Order within the next couple days to have it in time for Christmas! 

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