Superwoman I am not

superwoman notWell I used to think I was superwoman. I could do it all! Don’t tell me I can’t do it. I’ll show you.

Well, reality check. I am not superwoman.

CANT DO EVERYTHINGI love this blog and I love all of you but I can’t keep up like I should. I am not disappearing but..

I won’t be posting as often. Going back to college has been too much for me in addition to everything else.

I did alright last semester but with Biology for Major this semester and Chemistry next semester I just can’t

keep up with the commitments. So with that being said the only thing that will really change it the commitments.

I will post when I can and just get back to the fun of the blog and no more real commitments…at least for a while.

Going back to school after 20 years is no easy feat and with spring right around the corner I know things are not

about to get any easier. Soccer will be starting back up for the boys and it’s almost time to start planting my seeds

for the garden. Yep, definitely not going to be getting any easier.

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