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Have you ever heard of thermal oxidizer systems? Read about what Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. is proposing as a solution. What do you all think? I am all for new and better ways of protecting our planet and with all the crazy weather we have been having I am definitely for new ideas. Here in Oklahoma alone our weather has been crazy with an obnoxious number of earthquakes every year to this crazy winter we have had this year. I think it’s time we all start taking our environment more seriously.


The environment is on everyone’s mind these days. With the continued threat of global warming and climate change being reported on a daily basis, companies are looking for solutions that provide cleaner and environmentally-friendly ways of doing business. Some organizations turn to internal personnel to solve their problems, which may cost millions of dollars in failed projects and overtime. Organizations that know they need an outside solution to their environment problems visit OxidizerService.com.

The site for Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. (CCS&ES) provides information on its environmentally-safe products. The company rebuilds and manufacturers thermal oxidizers that help reduce air pollution within a company’s physical plant. Oxidizers include recuperative models with a shell-like combustion chamber, regenerative models with controls for volatile organic compounds (VOC), and direct fire models that achieve 99% of hydrocarbon destruction. They even sell pre-owned thermal oxidizer systems that have been certified by the company.

OxidizerService.com also sell other furnaces and flares for manufacturing purposes. Their low-maintenance industrial and glass art furnaces are designed with lift covers to minimize the release of heat and other toxins into the atmosphere. Gas flares sold by CCS&ES for landfills provide an automated change mechanism for control of flow rates and internal composition.

Product and service descriptions abound at OxidizerService.com. Products offered by the company include programmable logic and temperature controllers, flow control valves, flame safeguards and scanners, and thermocouples. Services sold by the company include retrofits and upgrades to existing thermal oxidizers, field testing, fan balancing, and system maintenance of all their supported products.

Potential customers interested in CCS&ES and do further research on the company via the Resources link at OxidizerService.com. There, viewers can examine case studies and articles on the company as well as download product catalogs for industrial igniters, HIRT combustion mechanisms, and the company in general. Purchases cannot be made at the CCS&ES website. Instead, potential clients can click on the Contact Us link at OxidizerService.com to send a query via email. This is also the same location where customers may request a quote for services and products. They also have an option of contacting the company by a phone number provided on all website pages.

Combustion Controls Solutions Receives Award from The Safety Council of Northwest Ohio for Four Consecutive Years!

 **What are things you are doing in support of greener living? What are your ideas? What are your thoughts on thermal oxidizer systems?Signature
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