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Iesodo (YAY-Sa-Doe) means “The Way of Jesus”: Bringing your favorite New Testament stories to life in a whole new way!

We were given the opportunity to review a couple DVDs that are faith based children’s DVDs so of course I jumped on it! The two we will be reviewing are: Iesodo Faith DVDIesodo Love DVDMy guys wanted to start with Love. So that’s what we did. This DVD actually has two different stories on it:

  • 1) Birds of a Feather, Fish Together
  • 2) Love Your Enemies

From start to finish each story is about 25 minutes long. There are Bonus features to watch with your children after the stories as well where we are told where the story idea comes from in the Bible and how it is very similar to the situations/stories in the Bible. There are also some Bible verses and songs.

Both of my boys sat glued as we watched both stories and then listened to the Bonus features and heard about how they were similar to stories in the Bible. Here is the Iesodo trailer, which is and introduction to the characters and a compilation of clips from several of the DVDs that have already been released.

You can also visit their website Iesodo after watching the movies for more fun and learning with their FREE downloadable activities, games, coloring pages and more. You can support the makers of the Iesodo series by following them on Facebook, Twitter and best option purchasing their DVDs like this one. It’s available at Amazon for $14.99 right now and if you are a Prime member that’s FREE shipping.

Iesodo Heart with wings

Company overview: An brand new animated series based on the Teachings of Jesus. Iesodo and his feathered friends demonstrate universal principles such as sharing, loving, forgiveness and being kind. A music-filled adventure with fun the whole family can enjoy! Where Fun and Faith take Flight!

Our Opinion: We give this movie 6 thumbs up since three of us watched it with two thumbs each. 🙂 The boys (6 and 5) and myself all really enjoyed the video and are excited to watch the next one but it will have to wait now as one of my reviewers has passed out or as big brother says, “is fast asleep”. As I have said a dozen times or more, I LOVE when things I am reviewing do double duty. For example, when a book doesn’t just tell a story but teaches my children a life lesson, virtues or something to that affect and same goes for my favorite movies: they not only entertain but educate my children on important things in a fun way like this series does.

Negative feature: The only thing I could say I would change is when the character sing on this particular DVD, Love, the music is louder than they are so it’s not very easy to hear what they are saying but that is all I got. I really loved it as did my boys.

** I think this would be a GREAT idea for Easter gifts for little ones you loves! <3


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