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Online Education: a New Way to Learn

**We have been using online schooling for the kids for three years now so why not for us too. If you have been thinking about going back to school you may want to see what Monash University has to offer. Wikipedia says they are ranked in the top 20 universities in the world for biomedicine. Just type them in Google and see for yourself and then check out their website at Monash University Online.

Online education is gaining in popularity as more people beyond the standard college age choose to seek a higher education and employers begin to place a higher value online education. Enrollment in online education is growing by leaps and bounds compared to that of “brick and mortar” schools. The global online education market has increased by 900 percent since 2000. It is estimated that 50 percent of all classes will be taught online by 2019.

The individualized education that online programs offer are popular because they allow students to improve their skills in the areas where they are weak, yet still move forward in their other studies. Students of online educational programs such as Monash University Online are able to set their own goals, work at their own pace and communicate with teachers and other students to further enhance their education.

Educational methods are changing and improving as the years go by. While many aspects of learning remain the same, others have evolved to keep up with new standards and technology.

Bye-bye to Books
Physical textbooks are being replaced by electronic devices such as iPads and Tablets. Students rejoice at not having to cart pounds of books to classes every day. Textbooks may soon become a thing of the past as online education continues to grow in popularity.

Video Learning
Video learning is an effective method of distance learning , a form of education where the student is not required to be present in the class room. The student watches the lectures and demonstrations and performs the required educational procedures. One benefit to video learning is that the student can view the visual material again to enhance and deepen the understanding. Video learning can help to expand the online learning experience.

Blended Learning
Blended learning is a combination of online and offline learning. Students are able to benefit from the complementary experiences of being in a classroom with others who are studying the same subject and being able to study at their own pace.

Gamification (game-i-fi-cation) is a method of learning that is based on mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to help students become engaged in the learning process. Games provide a high level of instruction and help to keep the learning experience fun. They provide enhanced motivation as the student earns rewards, points and badges. Many online schools and colleges offer educational games that enable students to experience the fascinating combination of learning with enjoyable activities.

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