Snow angels 2014

I cherish these sweet, cold moment spent watching my little ones playing in the snow making those beautiful angelic outlines of their little bodies. I am not a fan of snow or even just cold for that matter but I cherish every fleeting moment watching my little people become young adults. My oldest turned 21 this last December, while the baby turned 5. I know all too well how quickly it passes and how I will yearn for these moments all too soon.ryker snowangel 2014My youngest one tells me he will always need me and will never leave but I know he’s a little liar (:-p) just kidding. They are just so precious and tender hearted at this young age. He cannot image how in just a few short years he will  no want to be seen holding my hand, let alone snuggling. He will not longer want me to lay down by him for a few minutes at bedtime or want my help in the bathtub. It was bitter-sweet when he stopped sucking his two fingers when he was four. I just noticed one day that he had just up and quit. He no longer twirls my hair while sucking his two finger. :'( I knew it had to come to an end but I am sad that is one more stage that is gone. Here is his beautiful 5-year-old, silhouette snow-angel. ryker snowangel 2014 oneThis is my big guy. He is a whole 18 months older than his little brother. That 18 months makes a huge difference. He is my sweet gentleman with a heart bigger than his whole body. He is already letting go in some areas. At church I used to walk him into his room and give him a hug before he would run off playing but now he does it on his own. He gives me a quick hug in the “hallway” and tells me to have fun as I watch him run off into the classroom on his own. He makes friends everywhere we go but can seldom tell me their names. I think that is so funny how at this age they don’t think about asking for names. They are just friends. 🙂ryan snowangel 2014My sweet man was the one that showed his brother how to make a snow angel and is there to teach his brother many things along the way. He decided something was missing when he completed his snow angel. Can you see the halo? Doesn’t he make the most beautiful snow angels. This is his 6-year-old, silhouette snow angel. <3

ryan gave snowangel halo 2014How about my beautiful fourteen-year-old? She is CRAZY! Look at this goofy girl outside in her shorts and winter jacket shoveling snow. And, NO, we didn’t ask her too she just started doing it. Then it turned into chasing her brother around with shovels full of snow. savannah snow 2014Good times being had and memories being made for Winter 2013-2014. Big man really didn’t drop that snow ball on his little brother either. 🙂 Daddy helped them make the snow fort in the picture on the right. However, as is typical every year in Oklahoma, the snow only lasts a few short days and then it’s gone. That is something I am very happy about. We get a little snow play but then it’s gone.Unlike my poor Michigan family.

snow fight snowfort 2014    Spring will officially be here in a couple days and I couldn’t be happier to make some warmer month memories!  Signature

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