Ultra Modern Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom has long since ceased to be a place where one attended to one’s hygiene and then left as soon as possible. Now the bathroom is a place of comfort, if not luxury. It’s a room that many people wish to linger in.

Showers are one aspect of the new bathroom to check out. Futuristic steam showers can now be had that feature such luxuries as rain and hand showers, radios, Wi-fi, computers, foot massage and body sprays. They can also be combined with a whirlpool bath for an experience a bather will long to linger in.

Toilets have also become sleek. Popular types are one piece and made of luxurious, pure white porcelain. They can be bought with matching, white porcelain bidets and white porcelain sinks that are either the pedestal type or wall hung.

Bathroom and kitchen faucets have also benefited from the freedom of designers to imagine the future. Bathrooms can now be adorned with waterfall faucets where water spills over a tempered glass disk into the sink. There are also faucets with single levers or dual handles. Their construction resembles bamboo pipes that trickle water into basin stones in Japanese gardens, but they’re made of brass and finished in chrome. There are also bath fillers, plated in chrome or even gold. Some have a hand shower attachment.

As for kitchens, there are goosenecked faucets finished in chrome, stainless steel or satin nickel. Some come apart to turn into aerators. There are also attractive soap and hot water dispensers.

Ever since we purchased our new house in November of 2012 we have been making changes, personalizing and upgrading things to make this house become “our” new home. Items like these sold from LineaAqua help us to do just that.

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