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This movie was inspired by the best-selling series by Janette Oke.


“absolutley beautiful and very entertaining” -Movie Guide

when calls the heart DVD case

Synopsis- New miners arrive in Coal Valley to help with the final stages of reopening the mine and the town decides to celebrate with a dance at the end of the week. One of the new miners, Billy Hamilton has taken a special interest in Elizabeth and she is flattered by the attention. Meanwhile, pregnant widow Carla Noonan has moved in with Abigail and Elizabeth so the women can keep and eye on her for the remainder of her pregnancy. As Elizabeth and Billy’s relationship develops, Jack becomes suspicious of Billy’s motives for pursuing Elizabeth so persistently.

There are a lot of widowed women with children in this town just trying to make ends meet after a mining accident took their husbands. This movie is packed with emotions as some of the women are looking towards making their futures brighter for their families, children resent the miners courting their mom’s, love triangles, thieves and more. This is another amazing family movie. I don’t want to give away anymore of the movie so please check it out for yourself.

I don’ know if you feel the same way I do but I am afraid of what my children will see when they flip on the TV anymore from sexual enhancing drug commercials, for the right moment, to the cursing and nudity that has somehow has become part of the norm on television today. I am not okay with that. I hate that some of the most popular shows on TV are trash like 2 and a half men, the big band theory and what ever that other show is called with the two sleezy women or even The Good Wife with the infidelity and what not. I miss Highway to Heaven, 7th Heaven, Little House on the Prarie and shows like that. When I find movies that have those same kinds of values I want to tell my readers about it. This one definitely have my approval.

IMDb.com has currently 126 reviews for this movie and out of 10 stars it is at 9.7. You can’t get much better than that. You can follow the Hallmark Channel on Facebook and Twitter.

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