The holidays are a decorative festivity. There are tons of interesting and cheap Christmas light DIY projects that will make your home festive this holiday season. Decorating doesn’t have to be costly. Take a look at the following unique holiday decor ideas.

Glass Blocks as Holiday Decor

glass blocks

Glass blocks are fairly cheap, and you can find them at most building supply stores. They come in different sizes and finishes. The frosted ones work well for making lighted ice blocks for Christmas. Some blocks have pre-drilled opening, and others are solid. The solid blocks need drilling before they are usable. The good news is that some building supply stores will drill them for you. The best part about these blocks is that they last forever, and they are easy to store.

TIP: When adding a string of Christmas Lights, use only the single strand of 50-count-lights. This is the string that does not have a plug on both ends. The plug will not go through the opening. If you need to drill the opening yourself, you need a 1/2 inch glass drill.

Using Recycled Jars for Christmas Light Projects

glass jars

Jars work well for this project. Use clear glass recycling. If you save the lid, you can rig the jar to hand like pendant lights by drilling a hole in the lid and tying a cord to a washer for the inside of the lid. Run a string through the hole and tie it to a hook. Use battery-powered lights and not Christmas light strands with a plug for hard to reach places.

TIP: If you want to make the jars fancy, use colored tissue paper and white glue to create a stained glass effect. Use clear bulbs or mix up all of your favorite colors. This works well for multiple holidays. Use red for Valentine’s Day, pastels for Easter, and black and orange for Halloween. If you are creative, try a design. The same is true for bottles.

Draw with Christmas Lights


Christmas lights are highly versatile for decorating. They’re easy and affordable, especially at If you have open wall space, fill it up using Christmas lights. The shape of what you create is entirely up to you. If you have a small home or apartment, consider making your Christmas tree from Christmas lights. If it is a large wall, then create an entire Christmas scene. Feel free to use traditional shapes or go abstract.

TIP: Use clear adhesive wall hooks so that you do not damage the wall. If you want to add a Christmas Light sculpture to your window, there are clear Adhesive window hooks too.


Create Art with Everyday Christmas Ornaments


You can make Christmas pendants using Christmas ornament globes, ribbons, and thumb tacks. How beautiful would a window be filled with various pendants? This little trick is awesome for large windows in the home, along walls or from ceilings. Take advantage of their luster by placing a strand or two of Christmas lights behind them. Glass Christmas globes can also be placed in jars with Christmas lights or in a dish with other Christmas objects such as garland.

Christmas Cards as Decorations


Christmas cards make excellent decorations. You can add them to a tree, to a wall or pen them to garland to create a festive streamer. Add last year’s cards to this year’s decorations. Christmas cards also work well for snowflakes. All you need is a pair of scissors and double-sided tape. Snowflakes dress up windows and walls, or you can add a hook and hang them from the tree.

Decking the halls with easy to make inexpensive Christmas decorations is fairly easy. Most items discussed here are cheap or last for a lifetime. Add items like glass blocks to your collect each year so that the number of decorations continues growing. You have options for focusing your decoration collection by color or theme. You can even use sustainable or recyclable products for sustainable holiday decorating. Let your creativity be your guide for creating the happiest home this season.

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