OrblueOrblue Pastry Scraper and Cutter Stainless Steel - Pizza Dough Cutter and Chopper - Multipurpose Bench Scraper (1-Pack)

Product Review

  • Scrape and chop bread or pizza dough with the stainless steel pastry cutter.
  • Your knife is not as good as a bench scraper to chop and transport food off the cutting board and into the pan.
  • Good Grip – Comfortable non slip rubber handle absorbs pressure. Hold your metal pastry chopper and note how comfortable it is.
  • Easy cleanup – Cooking can’t get any easier. This pastry scraper is another dishwasher safe tool set in your kitchen.
  • 100% Guarantee – If you have any problems FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, we will refund your order in full plus ship you a new item. Add to cart now because you literally risk nothing.

My new favorite kitchen tool is the #pastryscraper! First off we’ll start with it’s appearance. It has a thick, stainless steel, sturdy blade that has a 6″ ruler on the bottom of the blade to help you with precise cuts. The black rubber grip handle is very comfortable and makes using the pastry scraper enjoyable.

I make salad for my husband to take to work every day of the week and it’s not just a lettuce, tomato salad. I chop spinach, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, peppers, pickles, eggs, beets, tomatoes and some form of meat then add the topping stuff like pumpkin seeds, salad topper and croutons. Did I tell you I do this every day…. This #pastryscraper has become my new go to in the kitchen. It has helped me speed up the process of creating his daily salads and getting all the chopped foods into the containers. pastry scraper

Another thing I LOVE this utensil for is dough. I just made homemade chicken noodle soup. I have never enjoyed making noodles so much. My kitchen aid mixed the dough for me while I prepared my counter top with a sprinkling of flour, my rolling pin and this pastry scraper. I was able to cut the straightest noodles and it was so fast to do! It did an amazing job. My daughter likes making homemade biscuits and this also helped her cut them up in a matter of seconds.

We give this #pastyscraper. This is available for purchase on Amazon for $9.87prime shippingI give this product 5/5 stars

You can also find out more on their website www.orblue.com

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