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#montagebook is a platform to help users tell stories through the creation of stunningly beautiful photo books. The service is designed to analyze user’s photos to present them with a perfectly designed book from the start. Because of the technology powering Montage, users are likely to finish their books in minutes and can make subtle tweaks if they want. There are three sizes to choose from: 6-inch ($29), 8.5-inch ($49), and 12-inch ($99). All books are made with eco-friendly leather and have lay-flat pages. Coupled with a fast delivery time of 4 days, Montage is a clear winner for anyone that wants to build a product with photos from a gift, vacation, wedding, favorite hobbies, favorite photography, or significant life events.

My Review

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I am in love. This review made me relive some amazing memories. The process is easy and so much fun. You can go and create one today and save it for later. Head over to their webpage here. Then click on Start Your Montage and then add your photo’s. When you have selected enough pictures the button Start Your Book will be colored and you can select it. Montage does the work and creates a layout for you but you have to option of changing everything. You can move pictures around, move the order around, move the page layouts around, change background, add text and more! I am so in LOVE with our Montage photo book that I created from pictures from our family cruise that  my husband surprised me with for my 40th birthday last year.  I took it with me on my recent trip to visit family in Michigan and EVERYONE loved it. Everyone I showed it too commented on the wonderful quality and craftsmanship of the book and about how nice the thick pages and thick soft cover were. I think the best way for me to show you everything and the fine details of the photo book is for me to show you through a video.

As you can see the Montage Photo book is amazing. It’s great quality and the process of creating it is just as much fun and it helps you relive your memories while you create your book. I love my Montage book and can’t wait to create another. I KNOW my husband is going to love this! You can start creating yours now  https://www.montagebook.com/.

I give them 5 out of 5 stars for the creating process and the finished product.

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