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Product Description

What do 51.3 million Americans have in common? The answer is, they’ve listed bird watching as their favored hobby! Precisely because of that, Yellow Beaks is proud to announce the arrival of Yellow Beaks Clear Window Bird Feeder that produces unobtrusive view of wild birds, right from the comfort of you own home, office, or nursing facilities. The birds literally come to you, for you to observe their beautiful unique markings, as well as letting you study their behavior and feeding habits. Once you fill up the Yellow Beaks bird feeder with seeds, just sit back and let the birds find their new favorite hangout!

Benefits of Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder:
– Mounts to any window surface securely – Comes with 3 strong suction cups that will not come undone in any weather conditions.
– Seamless design that requires no assembly.
– Crystal clear design – Watch the birds peck away from different angles, without any obstruction.
– Easy to clean – Our keyhole design requires no removal of suction cups whenever you wish to clean the feeder. 
– Squirrel-proof – Mount the feeder higher, away from trees, branches, and fences. The slanted top design prevents squirrel from easy landing on the roof.
– Comes with perch that birds love – Perch keeps the birds staying around longer, which means more time for you to study their markings.
– Great entertainment for your cat – Cats love to sit and stare at birds, like their Nature’s Channel.

Product Details:
Dimensions: 9.6 x 5.9 x 6.6 inches
Weight: 1 pound
Accessories: 3 suction

My Review

distanceI love the look of this bird feeder. You can’t get a closer look unless you had them eating out of your hand. This is a beautiful sleek design and holds in place. I installed this bird feeder on my daughters window and haven’t had to touch it and it’s been there for a month now. The only problem is the birds haven’t touched it yet either. I know it takes them time to get used to it being there and trust that it’s safe but as of today no takers. Everyone in my neighborhood feeds the birds though so it may take them extra long to find it and decide to give it a try.  You can barely see it here on the window all the way to the right side of the picture. This was when I first hung it and before I filled it with seed. I am wondering if I shouldn’t raise it up and see it that would help. I’ll give it another couple weeks before I try raising it.

I love that the entire thing is clear acrylic so you can see any birds inside from every direction. The roof also gives the seeds protection from rain which we have had a lot of this year here in Oklahoma and so far the seeds are doing great but they are longing for some birds to come and sample them. I think when winter comes around the birds won’t be so picky either. I wish I could show you some beautiful bird images from our feeder but as of today that is not the case. We have some beautiful Cardinals, Scissortails, Bluejays and Humming birds. I hope some of the seed eaters come up so we can admire them from a closer view. Here are some pictures others have captured with their feeders. Isn’t this gorgeous!

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These acrylic window bird feeders area available on Amazon HERE: $25.95prime shipping


I would love to give this bird feeder five out of five stars but since I haven’t  seen any birds in it yet I can only assign it four at this point. 4 out of 5 stars


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