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Hose Nozzle By AC Garden With Adjustable Sprayer. Use The Variable Spray As A Pressure Jet To Wash Cars, Clean Patios And Sidings Or Gentle Water Mist For Plants And Flowers. Solid Brass Nozzles With Knurled Comfortable Grip. Add It To Your Gardening Tool Or Car Wash Line Up Today!

My Review

Finally a hose nozzle that is going to last. I have faith that this solid brass design is going to outlast any spray nozzle we have had in the past. Typically we have to replace hose sprayers every season for leaking from somewhere and getting you soaked when you try to use it but this design makes me comfortable that this one will outlast any we have had in the past.

With a simple twist you start the flow of water and the more you release the more gentle and wider an area the nozzle will cover. At it’s tightest setting the spray is forceful and in a compact stream and when it is wide open the spray is more gentle and spread out.

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We recently bought a truck load of sand and after emptying the truck by shovel we pulled it over to the side of house and used this nozzle to spray it out and it worked perfectly. The sharp stream worked great to get the sand out of crevices and the wider spray was used to wash it all out of the bed of the truck. When it’s turned off it’s a tight seal and there aren’t any drips. I really like this new hose nozzle and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

5 stars


This Cannon 400 Adjustable hose nozzle is available on Amazon HERE for $7.89prime shippingdisclosure statement

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