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053Set of 6 reusable Ice Pop Molds with drip-guard handles in 3 different colors (2 yellow, 2 pink, 2 green) to minimise mess whilst eating. Plus yellow base tray to keep molds upright for easy storage in the freezer.

Made from durable BPA Free, dishwasher safe, eco-friendly polypropylene plastic

Perfect For summer, kids parties, pool parties, barbecues, whenever you want to make your own home made ice pops

My Review

062Love isn’t a strong enough word for how my family feels about these homemade popsicle molds and I can’t keep them full. We have been trying all kinds of different flavors. Your imagination is the limit. We started with strawberry banana yogurt and moved on the chocolate pudding and butterscotch pudding and banana cream pudding. You can fill them with anything!! I made this short video showing their arrival and the simple process of  making your own popsicles and ours froze really fast in the deep freeze and were gone even faster!

I LOVE that I can save my family money with these popsicle molds but even more I LOVE that we control what we put in them. We can customize our popsicles for our family and you can create your own flavors for your family and then we can share 😀 They are BPA FREE and dishwasher safe! The stand it excellent so the popsicles stay upright in the freezer. When you pull them out you can run them under hot water for a few seconds or hold in them in your hands just enough for them to release from the mold and enjoy!

We definitely give these molds 5 out of 5 stars. 5 starsThey are available on Amazon HERE prime shipping


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