Tae kwon-do testing for the boys

Taekwondo testing day

Ryan getting his green stripe Ryker getting his yellow belt

I was glad to hear that both boys would be testing together for their next belts and/or stripes. That sure makes it easier on us. I put together video’s of them both doing parts of their test and earning their certificates and next stripe or belt. This first one if Ryker earning his yellow belt.

This one is Ryan’s video. It’s missing his board breaking section because he really struggled with that part this time so I quit recording and just cheered him on and he did end up completing all three board breaks he needed to complete.

I think Taekwondo is great for kids. It teaches them self-defense, memorization, discipline, balance, coordination and more. They are so proud of their acheivements every time they test and move up in ranks. It is something they can be so individually proud of themselves. We like soccer too and winning is a team affair but with Taekwondo it is individual achievement. So proud of my guys!disclosure statement

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