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Santamedical electronic tens pulse massager features microcomputer controls therefore you can easily adjust massager with available six automatic programs and three diverse styles of modes. The device has dual channel system; hence it can easily work two areas at one time. Recomended by doctors, this is best handheld tens massager in the market. Buy with Confidence, Santamedical unit is FDA approved. Quality – Santamedical unit is designed with quality and durability in mind. Our factory is ISO-9001 certified. It conforms to international medical standards of excellence in manufacturing

  • Six Auto Modes (stimulation programs),  Fully-adjustable Speed & Intensity, High Frequency stimulation to relieve pain
    4 Attachment pads included, Power: DC 6V (4 AAA batteries included)
    Best unit for Stress, Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, or Chronic Pain. The Simplest Tens Pulse Massager Is Also the Most Advanced
    LCD shows massage style, intensity and time remaining. Three selectable massages
    Small and Lightweight – At only 5.3 Oz, is no bigger than a remote control, this unit packs enough power to thoroughly massage your body, but can travel with you anywhere you like.

My Review

This is a whole new world of massage. This type of therapy is one of the most effective for managing chronic pain. My mother-in-law suffered horrible back pain and used to use a Tens therapy system for her back pain. It’s great for electro-therapy and calms nerves and muscles at the same time. If you are someone that regularly works out at the gym or experience persistent muscle pain this is perfect for you. It’s fairly easy to use and is FDA approved and offers a 100% Money-back guarantee (So there is nothing to lose in trying it for yourself). You can use this one unit on two areas or even two people at the same time.

Tens actually stands for: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit. This is not like a typical massager. This unit creates a little shock to your muscle. (from “It works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. They also help stimulate your body to produce higher levels of its own natural painkillers, called “Endorphins”.

You can say goodbye to stress with the Tens massager. It relieves soreness and stiffness. You can use it to treat pain in your arm, elbow, wrist, hand, upper and lower back, thigh, knee, calf and more. I used this on my husband for lower back pain and sore feet too. For his lower back we used the programmed waist massage feature to relieve dull pain. If you suffer from deeper muscle pain or to relieve knots you can use the “knead” feature. You pick the location and you control the intensity. It comes with 6 pre-programmed, automatic settings for best comfort. You just turn the intensity dial to one and press which ever pre-programmed button you want and press a function button to begin. The “Shoulder” feature is specifically programmed for the neck and shoulder region. The “Massage” feature relaxes this tension area. There are also 5 preset routines for: Waist, Shoulder, Joint, Hand-Foot, and Sole. There is also a repeat button that allows you to hold a specific pattern of treatment that the presets are administering.

The pad retain their stickiness over and over again. Like I said, my mother-in-law used one of these for a long time and the pads lasted her for months with continual daily use. She kept them in the freezer which her doctor told her would help prolong their life as well. My husband and myself cannot get beyond a 3 on the intensity level at this point. My mother-in-law suffered a more sever and chronic pain and she could handle a 6-7. The instruction manual says the voltage range is from 0 to 80 volts. There are 3 manual settings of Massage, Beat, and Knead. From the instruction manual:
*Massage: 100-250 micro-second pulse width, 16 millisecond period, variable speed, 4 seconds on, 1 second off.
*Beat: 500 micro-second pulse width, 1 beat per second, speed adjustable
*Knead: 100-250 micro-second pulse width, 16 millisecond period, variable speed, 4.5 seconds on, 0.5 second off.

Buy it now on Amazon for $29.95 prime shippingdisclosure statement

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