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The wind leverager is a beautiful delta kite made of durable outdoor materials such as nylon and resin, which helps the kite fly better and stronger. Flies perfectly on winds of 5-20 mph and is great for flying it on the beach or at the park with your family and friends. Its size is 180 x 90 cm‏ and is perfect for people of ages 6 and up.


1- Improves your concentration.052
2- Increases your relaxation.
3- Improves your piece of mind.
4- Improves your mood.
5- Strengthens your nervous system.
6- Reduces your tension from everyday life.
7- Helps you connect deeper to nature.
8- Improves your eyesight.
9- Keeps you healthy from staying at home and watching TV.WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS KITE AND WHAT MAKES IT SO ESPECIAL?

Well its very simple. You can either buy a cheap kite made of polyester which will not last you very long or you can buy this kite made of strong nylon and resin for a great price that will last you for a very long time.We also offer you 2 very useful bonuses so that you can have everything you need to start enjoying an amazing kite flying experience. On top of that we offer you an incredible lifetime money back guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with your new kite please contact us and we will refund you every single penny of your purchase no questions asked. So what are you waiting for you really have nothing to lose, GIVE IT A TRY click the add to cart button now and get ready to enjoy a great time with your family and friends.


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My Review

What is not to love about this kite? People of all ages love flying kites. This would be considered an ARTF (almost ready to fly) kite since you only need to install one bar and hook on the string and you are off. We are blessed to live in a neighborhood with buried power and phone lines so we just walked out the front door within a few minutes of assembly and let her fly. This Wind Leverager kits flies great in winds of 5-20 mph. With their 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose when you purchase this kite so for $21.47 you’ll have a kite for a lifetime! The problem with  most kites you buy at the store are that they are made of low quality material, don’t last long and are hard to store between uses. This kite solves all of those problems. This is built with the highest quality materials and comes with a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee and a carrying case that stores it perfectly so there won’t be tangles next time you want to fly. Instead of overloading this post with pictures I put them together on a video for you to watch.

Buy it NOW on Amazon for $21.47 prime shippingFree shipping for Non-Prime members when you buy two or more kites.

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