Unisex Baby Hooded Scarf Review

Product Description

Here’s a Unisex Baby Hooded Scarf for anybody.
Material: 90% Premium Acrylic and 10% Polyester. Soft and comfortable
Suitable for 6-36 months old. For head circumference 46-51cm/18-20inch Size: 23cm(Width) * 50cm(Length)
Dealzip is a registered USPTO trademark No. 86610217

My Review

296This knitted hooded scarf is so thick and warm, as well as adorable. I honestly think this hat is too big for a 6 month old to safely wear but a perfect size for children 18 months and up. I can actually, comfortably fit this hat on my 6-year-old and it is still a nice fit so keep that in mind when you are wondering if it will fit your child. This is going to keep them nice an warm. It’s not a cheap, thin hooded scarf but it’s really think and feels very nice. The little puppy dog ears are have the white wool material attached the the underside as well as a 293patch up above their faces on the top of the hooded scarf.  This design is also available in five different colors as you can see on the package insert: light pink, blue, red, beige and yellow.

I received the blue one for a review and it will be a perfect gift for my soon to arrive nephew, Braxton this coming December. It won’t fit him this winter but will be work for him for years to come.

It arrived faster than I expected and in a bubble envelope and then a separate plastic bag inside of that. This is how it arrives.

295The bottom of the scarf is long as you can see at the bottom of the package insert but here is a picture of it after I got it out and rolled the bottom of the scarf up one time. Isn’t this adorable? I think scarves can be so dangerous for little ones and wouldn’t put one on my own children. I don’t think anything wrapped around a child’s neck is a good idea so this solves that problem and it’s cute on top of safe.

It is really soft and thick so I believe this is a very nice option to a regular hat and scarf. It’s safer and it’s only one thing you need to look for instead of a hat and matching scarf! If you order one now it will arrive in plenty of time for this winter season which is approaching fast.

I give this hooded scarf five out of five stars for it’s adorable design, warmth  and comfort.  I don’t think the sizing it quite right because I don’t see it safely fitting a 6 month old but other than that everything is great. 5 stars



This product is available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/a/dp/B00PK20IWS for $7.89 plus free shipping.

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