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Best Kitchen Gadget Ever!
Say good-bye to tedious cutting and chopping. Put your knives away!
Snip herbs directly onto plates and pans with this easy to use herb kitchen scissor
Garnish your meals like a pro! And do it fast-keeping flavors crisp and clean, all while preserving healthy benefits of fresh herbs
* Snip herbs directly onto pizza, salad, casseroles and soups
* Cut herbs without crushing, tearing or bruising
* Retain fresh flavors and healthy benefits of fresh herbs
* Save time with no hassle meal prep time and easy clean-up
* Five 3 inch stainless steel sharp blades cut perfectly sized pieces
* Sturdy plastic handle with protective, anti-abrasive TPR interior lining for soft, comfortable and cut-resistant grip
* Hard plastic cover protects the 5 blades and gives safe storage
* Cover doubles as a cleaning comb to brush away any herbs clinging to blades
* Dishwasher safe
* Use with Basil, Dill, Parsley, Rosemary, Chives, Mint, Cilantro; works with Onions, Mushrooms-even deli meat or dried fruit
* Good for arts, crafts, and shredding fabric or paper, too.
* Professional chef results with no mess or hassle!

My Review007

I am so glad I received these shears to review because they have been so handy for me. I make my husband a super salad every night for him to take to work for lunch the next day. His salads consist of: lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, beets, pickles, black olives, onion, mustard pickled eggs, meat of some kind, sprinkle of shredded cheese,008 pumpkin seed, and sunflower seeds (shelled). These have helped speed up the process for me and I LOVE that. The hours in my day are very full from sun up until sun down. I am in college, homeschool three children, soccer mom to two boys, wife, mother, blogger and a CNA in the evenings. Anything that can free up some  of my time makes me very happy! I also grow a lot of my own vegetables and herbs and make jars of basil pesto, dry  herbs and use them fresh in many recipes. Check out the quick little video I made showing it in action.

006I definitely recommend these herb scissors to anyone that enjoys fresh veggies and herbs. With the amazing price currently on Amazon I believe everyone should order them. They are only $7.99prime shippingright now on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0129HZM7W.

As you can probably guess I give them five out of five stars. 5 stars


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