Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters Review

004Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters Product Details

  • Fun Shapes for Kids – Help kids enjoy preparing, eating, and finishing their sandwich. This kitchen gadget comes in 2 shapes and colors, blue dinosaurs and pink hearts
  • Cut With Ease and Safety – These cutters are made of hard and healthy plastic that is durable and strong. This kitchen accessory is 100% safe for kids to use.
  • Great for Picky Eaters – Kids love this biscuit cutter as the shapes and colors motivate them to eat sandwiches. Dinosaurs are for kids as hearts are for husband’s lunchbox.
  • Perfect for parties and finger foods – Kids will love and adore the sandwiches and finger foods as these fun kitchen tools and accessories are created with kids in mind.
  • When you order today, you’re protected by a 60 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!

Tired of forcing your kids to eat more and finish their meals? Want to discover a little secret to include in your kitchen utensil that will definitely make your kids crave and look forward to meal times? YES, you read it right..

Easy, Quick Way to Jazz up Meals and Make Them More Fun

Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters make creative ideas and meals especially for kids who are picky eaters.

The innovative idea of cutting sandwich, bread, pancake, cakes, cookies, and biscuit pave the way for kids to enjoy preparing and eating meals the fun way.

Place Your Sandwich, Push the Cutter Over It, Press Down and You are Done

Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters are very easy to use. Even children will get the hang of them making meal times a delight, not a chore.

The cutters are made of hard, healthy plastic that have deep edges but will not hurt your little kiddos in any way.

Cute, Convenient and Kid-friendly

These attractive and adorable blue dinosaurs and pink hearts set are helpful enough to make your kids finish eating their sandwich and other creative meals.

You can arrange parties and make use of these cutters as they are kid-friendly.

Say goodbye to difficult meal times and welcome fun-filled moments with your kids during meals.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: We offer a free card games that can surely help your kids with their memory and cognition. They can play while munching their sandwiches. These kitchen accessories are excellent gifts to your loved ones and friends. Try our Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters kit now.
Stocks are limited. Get your kit NOW.


My Review

012It seriously is that easy. I love these cutters because they are safe for kids to use but sturdy. They aren’t sharp like metal ones and won’t lose their shape. The plastic they are made from is thick so it won’t be easily broken. Simply put it on top of your sandwich, waffle, pancake or whatever and press down. I love that there is very little waste with these. Check out my video and you’ll see start to finish how they arrived and how they work. A picture is worth a thousand words so how many words is a video worth. 🙂

We love them and give them five out of five stars. There isn’t anything we can think of that would improve them. We didn’t care for the matching cards set but it was just a bonus so no big deal there.

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