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20 Beds celebrates the lives of patients, volunteers and staff who make St Michael’s one of the region’s
most inspirational places. 20 Beds tells the story of St Michael’s, recalling its founding members and detailing how it has evolved over three decades.

The book features a foreword from long-time St Michael’s supporter, HRH Princess Alexandra, who in May 2016 will open a new unit at the hospice.

Most importantly, however, it allows life-limited patients to tell their stories. They speak frankly, openly and honestly about their lives, their illnesses and their hopes for the future – offering unique and unparalleled perspective. 20 Beds is their legacy – and it is one that will inspire all who read it.

My Review

Wow, this book definitely inspires! I am super excited and cannot wait to try to raise some funds myself and see what I can make happen for the little nursing home I work for. I would LOVE to sit down with each resident and let them tell me their stories and let me record them. It is so interesting to talk to them and hear their stories while some are exciting, productive and happy, others can be stories of loneliness and/or sadness. Everyone should have a chance to tell their story.

This book starts out talking about the lack of hospice option in the UK years ago and how a couple of like minded individuals were able to raise funds to start up an amazing hospice and fund it year after year. Their efforts have changed the options for end-of-life care dramatically! We learn about the people, their struggles and their success in getting this hospice built and the upgrades, additions and financial struggles over the years to keep it funded and running.

Then we hear from 20 residents that are given the opportunity to tell their stories. Their stories are so diverse and different from what put them in hospice to their life views, their pasts and their dreams. The end of the book features a photography project created by a resident, Ann, with the help of staff. This section was created about the staff. Ann spoke, informally, to each member of the staff to learn more about them. Her goal was to show that they brought more then just their professional lives into her room. She asked each of them to pick one prop for their picture which shows a little glimpse into their lives.  I really enjoyed that section as well.

Lastly the book asks for donations. Each purchase of the book gives a donation to St. Michael Hospice so they can continue to grow and make a difference in the end-of-life care for many more people. Donations make it possible for them to provide that support and care service free of charge.

This book has motivated me to try to raise funds for the little nursing home I work for. They have old equipment that desperately needs upgraded and repairs that need done and my people that live their deserve it. They are the most loving people and appreciative people. I was in love with them by my 2nd day working there. I am exited to see what I can accomplish to help them.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It is really motivational and inspiring! I love the idea and think everyone should have their story written.    images (1)
You can purchase this book here:–a-book-of-life-and-hope_richardson-andrew/9781910469019/17578160 for roughly $30 American dollars while it is displayed at 20 British dollars on this website disclosure statementnew button sized


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