Taking on the clutter challenge

I have been a busy bee today. As you all are very well aware I have not been blogging like I used to. I started nursing school in January and that was a definite eye opener. I was working at a nursing home as well. I have always been an A student and thought all the hype about how hard nursing school is was just that…hype. Boy was I wrong. I just survived my first semester and move on to semester two in August. I didn’t know if I would make it and about lost my mind. Well we have made some changes here so I will be able to stop working by August and concentrate on college. Oh, yes I am still homeschooling and still gardening as well. 😛 Yep, I do think I am crazy.  Well anyhow I need to get a lot of things done that I didn’t do for the last five months I was in school. I literally went to school, went to work, helped the kids with their school work, tried to keep the house semi clean and food on the table and when there was extra time I was studying. I studied more then I ever have in my life and have three more semesters to survive. Now, on to the progress I made today.

Today I took on the clutter in the kitchen and my bedroom. My goal was to remove all clutter from the hot spots and clean them. I did my best but there are still a couple things that bother me so I am open to suggestions. Take a look and let me know.

This is the coffee maker/toaster corner of my kitchen. I put away the eggs and empty spinach container and wiped down the counters but left the chore charts for the boys. I’d like to do something different with them but I’m not sure what. As you can see the basket used for collecting the eggs is crying to be replaced as well but for now it stays. I think if I figure out what to do with the boys chore charts this corner will look much better.

coffee corner before and after

This is the area by our main door that we use the most so it has the junk basket. The junk basket is an improvement to the counter top but I still wish it looked better. I also left the ink cartridges there that need returned and the empties that will be turned in for credit since it is close to the door. There is also a multi-charger there for cell phones, iPods, etc. Do you have any suggestions for me here?

stovetop counter before and after

Here is a close up of the problem area.

counter by garage closeup

Next on to the island. This also collects a lot of clutter. You also see the fridge in the background. My residents are always coloring me pictures so I put them on the fridge for a while but these have been up long enough so they get filed away and my fridge can be “naked” once again.

island before and after

The kitchen table before picture is actually much better then it normally looks. 😛 I don’t feel there is any big issue here.

kitchen table before and after

Now, a peak into the bedroom where I believe I accidentally on purpose forgot to take some before pictures because there were several after only images. We shall start with the worst area….my nightstand. I admit this is typically my office space/study area/blogging area so there are nursing books, review items for my blog, my laptop, my planner and more miscellaneous stuff that just doesn’t need to be there.

my nightstand before and after

Then lets look at his nightstand, which actually looks great for his side because it typically looks very similar to mine.

his nightstand before and after

Then like I mentioned the numerous “after” only shots. The only issue I have with my dresser area is that it (somehow) becomes a dumping area for my husbands stuff. I have been removing it daily and putting it on top of his dresser but really that didn’t fix the clutter issue. The middle image is his chest of drawers where I was relocating his belongings off my dresser onto his. The big package of water bottles next to the dresser will disappear soon as he takes it with him. Lastly, the table in my room cleaned off. The crate under the table was on top of it. It holds my files for keeping track of my school work. The other miscellaneous things are things I may need for school. The telescope needs to go. My husband borrowed it from his friend and here it still sits. He is supposed to be taking it back and that cannot happen soon enough for me.

Miscellaneous afters

Besides the telescope I am pretty well pleased with the outcome in this room. If you have any suggestions for any of the locations please leave me a comment. I don’t have the creative ideas some of you have but I am really good and listening and copying from Pinterest. 😀

room view after

Thanks for you help.new button sized












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