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Looking for a low voltage landscape path light? Better make it solar powered?
Then you got it! This solar path light charges during daytime and automatically lights up your pathways at night; extremely easy to set up [No electricity or wiring needed];
A brown finish, this path lights blends with the surroundings to provide a neat look to your garden;
A white LED light that illuminates most dark spaces providing better visibility at night;
Stainless Steel- water/corrosion-resistant – Ensures excellent performance under most weather conditions;
Illuminates for up to 8 hours with a full charge. [Depends on the intensity of sunlight, location, weather conditions and shift of seasons]

010Feature: Solar Powered Lighting:  Save money & protect environment. Runs completely on solar power, no battery required, and also no hassle to replace batteries(come with 300mA built-in battery).
Easy to install:  There’s no wires involved and just need to assemble the parts( you have to unscrew the bottom part of the lamp and turn the switch on) and insert it into ground.
Automatic operation:  The solar panel converts sunlight during the day time and recharge battery. At night, the lights will be turned on automatically.
Require little maintenance:  Premium and durable cooper design for all weather operation. No worries about raining, snowing, frosting, even sleeting.
Classic Look:  Decorate your pathway, driveway, yard or garden with these stylish solar landscape lights. You will love your bright home.
12-month Warranty 
Battery: 300mAh 1.2V NICD chargeable battery(Battery Pre Installed)
Size: 2.3*2.3*14.4inch

My Review


The light covers and the spikes are made out of plastic so I was careful when installing them into the ground. The light covers look great but I was concerned about the black, plastic spikes because we have very heavy clay soil where I wanted to install them plus pea gravel on top instead of wood mulch. I was able to install them without breaking any spikes and they are holding up great! I love the way they look and I especially LOVE that the light doesn’t fade 005out after a couple hours. I was amazed when I left for work at 5:45am, the day after installing them, and they were still shinning bright. I had to stop in the driveway as I was leaving to take a picture to make sure I was really seeing what I was seeing. 😛 I think the copper color gives them a very rich and distinguished look. I also think it goes great with the color of our home and the pea gravel in which they reside. I give this product a perfect grade though a sturdier spike would be great I am sure it would also raise the price so I am happy with what I received and would definitely recommend them to others. I will be buying a couple more sets in the near future to finish up the landscaping outside that I want to get done.

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars for a perfect rating!! 5 stars

You can purchase this 12 light set on Amazon for the amazing low price of $29.99 prime shippingat this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E5EVA0U

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