Product Description

015A Great Phone Holder. Easy installation and release without any other tool. More firmly on the body is not afraid of shaking. High quality hold frame to provide perfect protection with your cellphone or other gadgets.
360°Rotatable design to make it convenient to use. Makes your phone or other devices stay close to your hands and easy to get it when outdoor cycling travel. It fits most Smart Phone: like iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Motorola,it’s really necessary for bike travelers. And the bike mount itself can easily be attached to any bicycle with bars 14-38 mm in diameter. Good performance, keeping your devices stable.

A Perfectly Simple Bicycle Mount for Your Smartphone. Buy it now and have a freedom riding travel with you family & friends.Installation:

61qG4RubAmL._SL1500_Step 1: Choose the desired rubber strip (2 options)that best fits your handlebar.
Step 2:Rotate the mount to the position you want your phone to silt.
Step 3:Screw the bolt tight with allen key provided.
Step 4:Attach silicone rubber to the 4 corners of your phone.

Package Included:
3 x Silicone Bands
1 x Package Box
1 x iForaa Bike Mount

My Review

61YtOjOovWL._SL1136_The mount fit’s very securely on the bar of the bicycle. It is very solid. I am not worried that it71EGIaEOkUL._SL1500_ won’t stand up to rough terrain. With the rubber strips that can be used it fits very firmly to the handlebars.

Having the phone mounted right there on the handlebars makes it so easy to manipulate the phone while riding your bicycle. It’s easy to use the touch screen. You can simply reach your hand slightly over and swipe an app or a button on your phone. The buttons on the side of my phone are also easy to touch on the sides of the phone even when it’s in the mount.

Before we all had little zip up pouches attached to our bikes with a clear plastic cover but you had to open the pouch every time you wanted to get to your phone. This has made using the phone much easier while biking. I can now use my zip up pouch for things like granola bars and snacks. 🙂

This Cell phone mount is available on Amazon for $13.98 prime shipping 

I am giving this phone mount 4 stars only because of their lack of instructions. It wasn’t rocket science but I don’t see a reason that they wouldn’t be included. Even just including the images they show on Amazon would have sufficed. Actually it is the images on Amazon that we used to figure out exactly how it was supposed to work.

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