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  • 1. SET OF 72 COLORED PENCILS: All of our Pencils are 7 inches and have color coordinated barrels to match the lead. This makes finding the perfect color extremely easy.
    2. METAL CASE INCLUDED: Special customize metal case! Pretty and strong, Perfect for storing in a desk or backpack – The case also has individual slots for each coloring pencil, which helps keep them organized and easy to find.
    3. HIGH QUALITY: 72 colored pencils with recycled wood and have soft leads, easy to sharpen, they won’t breaking or cracking or crumbling, The pencil is environmentally friendly and non- toxic, With safety certificate EN71.
    4. FOR EVERY LEVEL OF EXPERTISE: Rich colors provide smooth coloring and easy blending and shading, colorful illustrations that won’t fade over time.Perfect for every level and perfect for coloring on your Coloring Book of Secret Garden, and Lost Ocean etc
    5. A GREAT FESTVAL GIFT ideal and perfect for encouraging creativity for children or adult; And Quality guaranteed!!! Please contact us if any problems

My Review042

On first glance you notice the very nice metal case the pencils arrive in. I think the metal box says a lot about the pencils inside, especially after I just received a product to review that was seriously lacking when it came to their reusable container that was a thin, flimsy plastic in which the bottom fell out of a couple days after receiving the product. So thumbs up on the great metal box to keep the pencils in.


When you open the box you see a plastic tray holding half of the colored pencils, with another plastic tray containing the other half hidden below. I think the pencils look very nice, however the paint brushes look like something you’d get from the dollar store.

046018We currently have a super talented lady staying with us at work while she is getting some therapy and she is a master with pencils. She is currently drawing out my children. Here is one of the pictures she has made for me. It’s so special she has been blessing all of us at work by creating these images of our children for us. I thought it was time to bless her back a little bit so I asked her if she would be willing to review these pencils for me and she did an excellent job.

She tried them out while doodling a landscape picture. She told  me that727 she really loves all the color options and all the different hues but she said they are not very easy to get them to blend but that maybe because of the cheap paint brushes or paper quality. Her biggest suggestion and the reason while I marked it down a star, is that the pencils need to be marked. They need to have the color written on them and/or their values.  There are several colors in this set that are very, very close so having them marked would help a lot.

This product is available on Amazon for $18.99prime shippinghere: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G8HD4ZG

It gave this set four out of four stars. 4 out of 5 stars

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