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Every single tape in this set was handpicked for its Bold and Unique design. You will be proud to own each and every one individually and as a unit. These Rainbow themed washi tapes will make you the envy of any craft guru. Key Features: 

BEAUTIFUL VIBRANT COLORS: Rainbow themed set of 12 rolls of washi tape (15mm wide x 10 meters long). You will find aesthetically pleasing and fun designs within the main theme including dots, stripes, stars, arrows, and geometric shapes. Colors included are red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white
STICKY AND FLEXIBLE: United Tapes products are sticky and also very easy to peel off and reapply. They can be reapplied many times before they start to lose their adhesive properties. Don’t hesitate to use on walls. They will leave no residue behind if you choose to remove them. Great for children.
DECORATE TIL YOU DROP: Go crazy decorating anything and everything with these washi tapes. They are perfect for calendars, planners, journals, envelopes, folders, or whatever your heart desires.
SCISSOR-LESS: Don’t get stuck having to use scissors to cut through other sellers’ washi tape. Scissors are not necessary for these washi tapes. Make your life easier by going SCISSOR-LESS.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: United Tapes are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.

My Review198

This was my first experience with Washi tape and I am already addicted! I packed up my Washi tape and a bag of crafting supplies and hit the road to spend the day at my mother-in-laws house so all us girls could do some crafting together. My poor niece was exhausted from a sleepless night since her 6-month-old has a double ear infection so she didn’t feel up to it but my mother-in-law, daughter and myself played away.

The colors in this set are really beautiful and they have some cute designs as well. My first thought was how similar this is to masking tape but yet it has the pretty colors and designs. The tape is slightly translucent so if you apply them to a white background the colors on the tape are pretty bold but they can be muted out some when they are applied to darker backgrounds. The tape holds very well but yet it can easily be removed, re-positioned and re-applied without problems with it peeling up later. All the projects we created still look the same. Another thing that makes this tape so great is that you can simply tear off pieces as well. You don’t need scissors to cut this tape, however, if you want a very straight edge you can use scissors or whatever to cut your Washi tape.

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You can purchase this set for yourself for only $15.97, that’s only $1.33/roll, on Amazon at this link ->

I am giving this product, Washi Tape, four out of five stars for the review. The only reason I marked it down one star is because I think it would be better with a little more tackiness and if the tape was slightly thicker so the beautiful colors aren’t muted out quite so much when used on darker backgrounds. I have had so much fun reviewing this tape and I have been already eyeballing the next set I want to purchase through Amazon. 4 out of 5 stars

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