Product Description    61wfExi8lBL._SL1000_      

 10 Wattage High quality LED

Stable performance, 50000 hours long life time. Working Temperature: -30℃~45℃
Rechargeable work light is equipped with universal power(100-240VAC) or car power(12-24V DC) .

1150 lumen balanced light output
More than 80 High Color Rendering Index, true color, make items more natural colors.
120 degree Wide beam angle.

4400mAH super capacity Lithium battery
Charging time: 3-4 Hours
Continuous working time:4-5 Hours (when fully charged)
Do not dispose of the battery in the fire or water.

IP65 Waterproof and Safe
Tempered Glass. Safe and super light transmittance.
Durable rugged die-casting aluminum. efficient cooling structure. Excellent appearance.

Green energy saving
Save 80% on electricity bill. no radiation, no lead , mercury and other pollution elements.

360° rotating design
More flexibility and convenience.The cordless portable rechargeable led work light can 360°rotate on holder. You can adjust angle you liked.

The work lights should be fully charged for 3-4 hours before initial use.

Package includes:
1x 10W Rechargeable Work Light
1x 100-240V/AC Adapter
1x Car Charger
1x User Manual

My Review

Having this pre-charged LED flood light ready to go is a nice peace of mind. When we loose power the young ones loose their minds so this will work quickly to defuse the chaotic situation by shinning a light on it. In addition to being there in case of a power outage at home this little light has a many more uses. We will take this flood light with on camping trips and road trips. I will probably send it out on the road with my husband and get another one for the kids and I at home. My husband has already used this flood lamp out in the shop when he was changing the oil in the diesel truck late one night.

This light has a carrying handle in addition to a stand-alone base. It also has a swivel feature so you can turn the light from left to right but also and up/down swivel ability as well. There is a single button in which to turn in on and off. You can plus it into a wall socket to charge it but you also receive a car charger as well. The cordless ability of this unit makes it irreplaceable. Sometime you just need something cordless to get the job done. The flood light is also waterproof!! Heck you could take this with you on fishing trips as well.

You can purchase this on Amazon for $32.95 prime shippingat this link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

We give this product five out of five stars! 5 stars

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