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Tools4Wisdom Planner & Calendar
As seen in Forbes & already trusted by customers working at MIT, Google, Bank of America, and Sony – plus 70,000 annual customers including parents, teachers, students, authors, bloggers as well as working women and business executives.

A desktop organizer is a fast and simple tool to keep your office schedule organized, all year round.
Not only will you have a 2017 planner handy at all times, you’ll also have an ample and comfortable journal for writing.

A Tools4Wisdom 2017 Planner will meet all of your organization needs, whether you prefer to plan by the calendar year, or by the academic year.

Reduce Stress and Regain Quality of Life With A Tools4Wisdom 2017 Planner.

My Review

This is my favorite planner ever. It has everything I think I could ever need in a planner. From the front to the back it’s perfect. I love the size. I am a full-size planner person. I don’t like straining to write small and then straining later to try to read what I wrote. This book is hard cover and not only that but it’s a thick padded cover that I love with a strong spiral bound finish. I don’t have to worry about messing up this planner or the pages when I shove it into to my already packed backpack. It is actually my safe keeper. I slide papers into my planner to protect them. There is even a pocket on the inside of the back cover.

This planner is not just a planner. Planners typically have the month in it and blanks for you to fill in but in addition to that this book has loads more.  There are motivational quotes, of course the calendar, pages for breaking down the days by the hour and columns for notes and other information. This planner is also a goal planner. It teacher you how to create visions, set goals and motivates you to achieve them. You have got to check out this planner for yourself and I think it will become your new favorite as well.

You can purchase your own planner on Amazon right now at this link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HR8KFF2

It’s on sale right now for $19.99
I definitely give this planner from Tools4Wisdom, five out of five stars. Like I mentioned earlier I LOVE it!!




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