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Our collection of 4 unique, large 5.0 oz (baseball size) Bath Bombs are made with all-natural ingredients. Why settle for a boring, normal bath when you can take your bath to the next level with an at-home spa experience of your own! Each lush bath bomb is infused with Shea Butter, Epsom Salts, and Essential oils which keeps your skin healthy and silky smooth while providing aromatherapy to lift your spirits, balance your mood, and reduce stress. All Bumble Road Bath Balls are sourced from all-natural ingredients so you’re only putting the best into your bath and onto your skin. After soaking in the tub with one of our bath bombs, you won’t want to get out! This variety pack combines our best bath bombs for you to experience: Orange Creamsicle – Perfect for a pick-me-up, the orange essential oils will lift your mood and spirits. Really Rose – You’ll create a luxurious bath with real rose petals and along with uplifting rose essential oils. Yellow Grapefruitlicious – Lemon and Grapefruit essential oils really bring a bright touch to your bath, this will help you melt stress away and put you in a great mood. Luscious Lavender – Use this bath bomb for a relaxing bath from the Lavender essential oils. Perfect to help you relax before bedtime. Our bath bombs have been carefully formulated and extensively tested. Quality and safety are our highest priorities which is why our products are: All-Natural Use Cruelty-Free ingredients Never Tested on Animals Ethically Sourced Non-GMO Looking for the perfect gift idea? A bath bomb gift set is the perfect solution! Moms, wives, teens, teenagers, kids, women and girls of all ages always love getting bath bombs as gifts! Perfect for: Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding gifts, anniversaries, dates, graduation gifts Mother’s Day.

My Review

OK, I do not typically have time to relax and pamper myself with a bath but I saw this review opportunity and thought….I’ll make time for once. I am a very busy mom with three still at home. I school them at home, work at the nursing home, garden and can, and I am in nursing school. When I’m not doing one of the above or studying I am cooking for or cleaning up after my family. In three short weeks I’ll be back in the grind of nursing school and wanted to take a minute to relax with a bath bomb. I could smell their aroma as I opened the package: Really Rose, Orange Creamsicle, Luscious Lavender, and Yellow Grapefruitlicious. I filled the tub up with hot water (just the way I like it) and opened up the Really Rose.  As, I tore away the plastic rose petals fell into the water and then I dropped in the bath bomb and off it went. Over the course of 5 minutes the bath bomb sped around the tub leaving a trail of pink behind it.  My bathroom smelled amazing!! So what was a girl to do? I lit some candles, grabbed my favorite comfy pj’s, turned on my music, (threatened my children not to bother me) and turned off the light and closed my eyes as I sank into that sweet smelling tub of roses. Aaahhhhhh, that was amazing and now talking to you all about it I believe I will use another one tonight. 🙂

Do it. Treat yourself. Make the time for you, because we deserve it! Only $16.99 on Amazon. That’s only $4.25 each bomb and for your sanity.

My only dislike was that all the labels fell off and were in the bottom of the tube. This was not a one time thing either as I saw several reviews stating the same thing. It would be nice to not have to guess which one was which but because of the colors it wasn’t too difficult so I won’t remove a star from their rating but I hope they get that issue resolved.


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