Product Description

Small batches of ice cream are made in custom made french pots. They freeze two gallons of ice cream mix at a time producing the luxurious, creamy textured ice cream you have come to know and love. We have a small fleet of these machines that we run day and night to keep up with the demand for Graeter’s ice cream.

All of our pints and 56 ounce packages are lovingly hand packed by our talented ice cream artisans. It’s not easy, but with plenty of practice some people can be proficient at it. 

In addition to pure, fresh cream and milk, cane sugar and whole eggs, our ice cream contains wholesome fruits, chocolate and roasted nuts. A few of our flavors may contain artificial colors and flavors in the inclusions. You can see our list of ingredients by flavor here.

Many of our ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, and toppings are gluten-free. When a flavor contains gluten we declare it as a wheat allergen on our ingredients declaration. You can see the full list here. Since our ice cream contains dairy and eggs it is not considered vegan. Our sorbets contain no animal products and are considered vegan. They are also Kosher Parve. We do not make any sugar free ice cream prodcuts at this time. We do make low glycemic ice creams for those who are controlling their sugar intake. Several of our ice cream products do contain peanuts and/ or tree nuts. We follow good manufacturing practices to eliminate potential cross contamination between allergen and non-allergen containing flavors. We always wash, rinse, and sanitize our process equipment between making allergen containing flavors and flavors that do not contain the same allergens. We segragate allergen containing raw materials in our storage to prevent cross contamination of ingredients. If a flavor contains an allergen, we declare it on our ingredient list.

My Review

Graeter’s Ice Cream is not currently readily available in my area. I drove 34 miles to the one specialty grocery store in Tulsa that carried this brand. Unfortunately they did not have Black Raspberry Chocolate chip. I had my two youngest son’s with me to help me with the decision on what we would try in this situation. It wasn’t really a situation since ice cream is my weakness. There are not very many flavors that I don’t enjoy.  After perusing the many different flavor options, we decided on two flavors: Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip and Black Cherry Chocolate chip. It melted slightly on the 34 mile drive home but as you can see in this picture, it is filled to the top. Three of my children ages 17, 10 and 8 and myself all taste tested these flavors together. My 17 year old is quite the foodie so her opinion should rank up at the top. She has tried many different and exotic foods and always enjoys trying new things. While we all enjoyed the Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip we all agreed that while it was great it wasn’t really anything special compared to other ice creams we have enjoyed.  HOWEVER, the Black Cherry Chocolate Chip was AMAZING!! The consistency of this ice cream is absolutely amazing. It is so smooth and doesn’t just turn into water in your mouth it melts into a creamy smooth goodness. The flavor was “on fleek” as she would say. 🙂 I personally don’t care for cherries BUT I was able to sit and enjoy this ice cream.  It’s texture is just something you really have to try for yourself. It is totally different than other brands. This fourth generation company has been in business for over 145 years. They are family-owned and use a unique French Pot® Process. Their artisans pour and swirl only the finest ingredients into each of their spinning French Pot® freezer’s.  The result is an ice cream unlike anything you have tried that is so thick, and rich, because there is almost a total absence of whipped-in air, that an artisan must remove it with a paddle.  This ice cream is so thick and has such large chunks of chocolate, it has to be hand packed.


Another big thing we all noticed was the chocolate chunks. They came in all different sizes and it was ahhhh…mazing.  This chocolate was really chocolate and tasted so good as it melts in your mouth with each bite of ice cream. So many types of ice cream, and even other desserts, that claim to have bits of chocolate but what you get tastes more like wax than chocolate. Check and see if they are available in your area, or shop online and see all of their flavor options.

Five big stars from my children and me.


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