Re-Create Your Family Room

Re-Create Your Family Room

The family room is one of the most versatile spaces in your home. It can be the game room for teens, a playground for little ones, the TV room, and a place for you to retreat from the day’s stresses. The problem is that with so many people using this room, it quickly becomes cluttered, dark, and anything but restful. Try these ideas for sprucing this are up a bit.

Brighten Things Up

There are many ways you can affordably brighten up a family room. Start by taking a closer look at the wall color. Is it in need of a new paint job? Choose something cheerful like a pale yellow or off-white. Along with table lamps, you can add ceiling lights. The recessed lighting St Petersburg businesses like Lightstyle offer are ideal.

Tame the Clutter

Purchase storage pieces that will contain clutter such as video games, DVDs, toys, and books. This could be as simple as traditional bookshelves. Use bins or baskets that will fit on the shelves to hold small items. You can group similar items together or give each family member their own special bin to use. Seldom used things can be placed in decorative trunks.

Add Relaxation

Because so many people are using this room to unwind, you want it to be relaxing. Soft comfortable seating like sofas or sectionals is a must. Be sure to place plenty of pillows and throws around the room to snuggle up with. Footstools can be wonderful for putting your feet up at the end of the day, and a recliner can quickly become the most sought after chair.

Once you have taken the time to brighten up this space and find a place for all that clutter, you’ll have a room that you will enjoy. Every family member will find that it suits their individual needs while you can still find it to be the perfect retreat at the end of a busy day.


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