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  • ✔ ELEGANT AND MEANINGFUL DESIGN. The spiral’s path of the wind chimes is a symbol of life’s journey, also looks like stairs to the sky, represent growth and evolution.


    TUNES. The metal wind chimes contain 18pcs tuned aluminum tubes, when the nature wind blows, just enjoy the pleasant soothing melody the wind chimes brings to you.

  • ✔ WONDERFUL DECOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR. The windchimes are integrated with beautiful sounds and attractive design, decorate your home, room, patio, garden, and anywhere you wish to decorate and add beautiful melodies.
  • ✔ A GIFT FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. These chimes make a great gift for all occasions, holidays, birthday, house warming, etc
  • ✔ 1 YEAR WARRANTY. And we offer 90 days Money Back Guarantee if not totally happy with the metal wind chimes.


Unique Elegant Metal Wind Chimes—Melodious and Clear Tunes, with 1 years warranty and 90 days money back guarantee.
Wind Chimes(aka wind bell, aeolian bells), meaning peace, safe, health and happiness.
It’s a perfect hanging decor for home, room, patio, yard, garden, office, farmhouse, living room, bedroom, apartment, etc
Wind bell chimes is also a nice gift for family and friends, as happy days and holidays.

Windchimes Features:
* Unique Elegant Slender Design–a wonderful décor indoor or outdoor.

* Melodious and Clear Tunes–Enjoy the beautiful relaxing sounds.
* Handcrafted for superior musical performance.

* Material: Aluminum Alloy 18 tubes
* Color: bronze
* Support Wood plate: round cedarwood(4.5 inch diameter)
* Length: 36 inch in total
* Shortest Tube:4.1 inch
* Longest Tube:10.8 inch
* Style: Spiral medium size wind chimes

My Review

The windchime came well packaged in a box and the pipes of the chime were neat and organized with rubberbands so they did not arrive in a tangled mess. The circular wooden piece at the top was stained a lovely dark brown color and looked nice against the color of the chimes.

I did notice two things after unboxing the chime, however, The strings at the top are not even which makes the entire chime hang crooked. I have messed with the strings many times and cannot fix them. I may have to cut and retie them to fix this issue. 2nd thing I noticed is the string that holds everything together has a weak point already on the top of one of the chimes. It arrived this way straight out of the box.

I have hung this up several times on my back patio. It is spring and very windy here in Oklahoma so I have had to take it down and untangle it twice in the last two weeks. I have left it down waiting for the winds to decrease or to find an area to hang it where it doesn’t get so much wind. Even though I found the weak spot on the string it has held up just fine even through the wind and being detangled twice.

The company does offer a one year warranty/90 day money back guarantee so I will message them in reference to a replacement chime. I do really think this is a lovely windchime and would like to continue enjoying it. I think it says a lot for a company to offer a money back guarantee.

I will have to give this windchime the star rating of 3 out of 5 stars due to it hangingin crooked and the damaged string upon unboxing.

This windchime is available on Amazon at this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0778FFBR5

This windchime is currently selling for $15.99

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