Dentistry for cats?

Cats don’t live as long as we humans. That said, they still need careful attention to their health so they thrive for as long as they can. Cats typically live between 18 and 20 years, so that is a long time—for cats. Work with us to keep them as healthy as possible!

Services Offered
As our name, Feline Medical Clinic describes, we only work with cats. We’re able to give all our attention to one animal species. Our vets and vet techs won’t have to worry about working with reptiles, birds, dogs or large animals.

Your cat will receive a wide range of services, no matter its health needs. These include diagnostic and therapeutic, anesthesia, surgical, internal medicine, radiology, electrocardiography, lab work, pharmacy, flea control, dietary consultation, behavioral counseling and dentistry. If needed, your cat can even receive acupuncture treatments.

Why Give Comprehensive Vet Care?
Like humans, the cat’s body and organs are complex. A problem with one organ or body system can affect other organs, making the cat sick. We believe that, when a cat has every problem diagnosed and treated, it’s more likely to live a long and happy life.

For instance, a cat with diabetes is more prone to infections. If it develops an infection, it must be treated rapidly and aggressively so the diabetes won’t combine with the infection to create another health issue.

Dentistry for Cats
When you’re looking for feline dentistry, Washington has at least one clinic that offers dentistry services. Your cat’s teeth can get dirty and begin developing plaque, just as your teeth do.

If your cat has an infected tooth, our feline dentist can easily and quickly extract that tooth, preventing further illness. Your cat can receive regular dental exams, including dental X-rays. Should we find a problem, we’ll recommend a minor oral surgery to correct the problem. During a dental exam, our dentist and vet techs will also clean and polish your cat’s teeth, which helps to promote strong dental health. Work with us to keep your cat healthy.

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