Longfit Weaving Knee Brace

Product Details

This is a very lightweight knee compression sleeve so you can wear it while running, jogging, walking, or playing any sport (basketball, soccer, volleyball, you name it). The material is so soft and comfortable that makes you feel like you are not wearing anything and offers the newest 3D technology. At the same time, your knees are provided with great protection and keeps the pressure off the kneecap (patella) to prevent sprains or accelerate recovery. If you have knee arthritis, this sleeve can also help relieve the pain by reducing the pressure on the knee. The material is weaved from mostly Nylon and Spandex Material. Finally, no Neoprene so no worries about any allergic reactions. Longfit knee braces are made from a stretchable and breathable blend of cotton yarn, latex yarn, and tourmaline fiber for maximum comfort. It has been designed to provide maximum support and compression, good elasticity, fit the body structure, fully wrapped knee joint, relieve pressure on the knee, and prevent muscle injury. Plus its moisture wicking design Keeps you dry and comfortable.
PERFECT USE — Reduce knee inflammation/swelling, soreness, has heating effect for muscular recovery, surgery recovery, runners & jumpers knee, ACL, MCL, PCL, meniscus tear, arthritis, chronic arthritis pain.
Advanced Version contains double anti-slip silicone stripes under the upper knee sleeve . It provides the best grip so you won’t have to readjust it during gym time, squats or other moderate sports.
IDEAL AID FOR OUTDOOR OR SPORTING ACTIVITIES — The Longfit Knees compression brace is perfect for anyone looking to diminish joint & muscle pain experienced during activities such as; Jogging, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Yoga, or Simply Walking.
WIDE APPLICATION — Prevent joint discomfort . When you turn on the air – conditioner, the knee brace can keep your knee joint warm and prevent rheumatoid arthritis. And also it fitting for all kinds of sports of outdoor and indoor, autumn and winter season, such as basketball ,mountaineering ,volleyball etc . ✔NOTE: If you are severely overweight, or have severe pain, see a doctor. These knee braces are NOT designed to cure obesity, fractures or other significant injury. 

My Review 

First of all I want to apologize for this review being completed late. That is never my intention.

I have been able to review this brace for several weeks now and really put it through the wringer. I work as a nurse so my days are long and on a typical day at work I average 15,000 steps or around six and a half miles of walking. There are days I wake up and can feel immediately that my knee is going to be an issue that day so the brace goes on. Now I keep one in my locker at work because with the long days I don’t want to me caught without my brace when I feel that I am going to need it. The brace slips on comfortably and easily. It is low profile so it fits under my scrub pants and no one can tell I have it on. I will admit that after 13 hours the elastic top part of the brace can start to irritate my skin. I think mostly anything like that for a long period of time would cause irritation so I am not unhappy with the results. I have slipped the brace on many times when I could feel my knee was going to need some extra support that day and every time it has saved me from knee pain. The knee brace has also held up very well after being laundered several times. I feel like this brace breathes better than many out there and prevents my leg from sweating excessively like some of the knee braces I have used in the past. At it’s current price you can buy several like I have so you can keep them where you might need them. 

As of today it is on Amazon for $4.30 with shipping. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0746HQYQ1

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