About Us

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0008Boy did I need to update my “About Us” page. This was the most recent picture I had when I created this page and the baby was two but he was four when I posted this and……he is now nine.   My oldest, Sarah, is a quarter of a century old and a momma now. Yes, I am a grandmother. My granddaughter will be one in a few short months.  Savannah turned eighteen this year and took a jump from an airplane. She has started flying planes at school and will walk in her high school graduation ceremony in a couple weeks. Ryan has ranked up to a ten year old red belt and will be starting sixth grade next year. Mathnasium tutoring has really helped him this year and it is boosting his self confidence with math. The baby, Ryker, is now nine and has ranked up to a red-stripe. He is just one rank below his brother. Both boys will be in sixth grade in the fall. School work is still pretty easy for Ryker. The way he picks things up is amazing to me. I wish it would have been that easy for me too. I finished up nursing school in December and started going for my BSN in a fast track program. I passed my NCLEX in February and, though I was going to wait to finish my BSN first, I have decided to take a position in oncology and should begin that journey this next week. My hubby is still a hard-working man that hates to leave the house but his job demands him to do so more than he would like. I was blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home mom for so many years and homeschool my children. I plan to continue homeschooling my kids eventhough I will be starting to work soon. We are in desperate need of new family pictures but with everyone so busy and my oldest currently living in Michigan, we haven’t been able to arrange it. This was taken the end of November 2014 and Sarah wasn’t able to make it.


  This is my oldest daughter.  She is very busy these days being a mom, working full-time and going to college. Isn’t she a beauty.This was obviously a snapchat pic with her daughter, but I love it. She earned her barbers license but decided that wasn’t the future she wanted so she is back in college going for accounting. Math has always been easy for her so that is probably a good decision. 

This little is my youngest daughter. She has just turned eighteen this year.  I have always homeschooled her and for those that think they just don’t get socialized. She is the most social butterfly you could meet. She can and does hold conversations with people of every age. She has a heart of gold and loves animals. She started taking concurrent classes two years ago and is working towards becoming a commercial pilot. She started flying planes this semester. She will be walking her highschool graduation in a few short weeks. How did it all happen so fast? I am not ready. She has been working for the drop zone around the corner packing parachutes for the past year and took her first jump shortly after her eighteenth birthday!  We just had some senior pictures taken this past week and I love how they turned out.

These are my guys.
This is my oldest son is an emotional  roller coaster. He can be the most thoughtful, caring little guy to an emotional breakdown over “un-plugged time”.  He is a wonderful big brother and has great sportsmanship and is oh so cute with his curly hair, the only one in 4 children. He will be turning eleven in a little over a month. I still remember giving birth to him a home and it seems just like yesterday. He loves helping in the little kid class at Taekwondo. He loves helping to teach the class.  Isn’t he just a doll?!? 0015
 This little guy is the youngest and will undoubtedly be called the baby for ever. “He is the only child in 4 with blond hair and blue eyes but my youngest daughters eyes were blue until she was 3 before they changed to a beautiful unique color so they may not last either”. Well here we are a couple years later and his hair has darkened up and his eyes changed just like his sisters did. This little man is now nine and he is the family entertainer and comedian. School comes easy to him and he was moved up and will be starting sixth grade with his brother next year. Ryker is one rank below his brother in TKD and earned his red-stripe a couple weeks ago. 
I love being at home with my children and finding cheap and fun things to do.  The boys only taking Tae kwon-do as their soccer became more competitive I couldn’t be in so many places at the same time and with nursing school I was always studying. This has given them the opportunity to concentrate on TKD and rank up.  Savannah is currently on hyperdrive working at the dropzone packing parachutes, finishing up highschool, taking college classes, flying planes toward earning her pilots license and flying with a friend when she is not doing one of the above. We are big time recycle freaks and our only real community service we have found to do so far is litter pickup in our community. We have pickedup our gardening game and began canning a coouple years after moving in.  I love making memories with my kids and being part of their education. The days are long but the years are short! Enjoy every minute.

          Besides my children and homeschooling, I love working outside and working with my hands. I have been gardening and canning all sorts of good stuff and I enjoy helping the neighbor clean up the pond they just bought and we finally finished fencing in our huge backyard (by ourselves).   I also LOVE wood working whether it’s refinishing a kitchen table to creating new things with wood. I follow several wood working blogs along with the dozens of giveaway blogs but due to their being a lack of hours in my day I haven’t done any wood working in a while. Since I started back to college it has taken a lot of time away from my passions and blogging. I just finished up nursing school and earned my ADN in December and I started back at it in January going for my BSN. I passed my NCLEX in February and will start working at my first nursing job in oncology next week.