About Us

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Boy did I need to update my “About Us” page. This was the most recent picture I had when I created this page and the baby was two but he was four when I posted this and……he just turned 6.  Sheesh, I am horrible. My oldest, Sarah, just turned 22 the beginning of December and a week later the baby, Ryker, turned six! Poor little man will be called the baby for a long time I’m afraid. My hubby is still a hard-working man that hates to leave the house but his job demands him to do so more than he would like. I am so glad he has agreed to let me be an at home mom. He has taken on a job change this last year, 2014, which allows him to come home every evening. Here is our new family picture,  minus the oldest that was working, we just had taken the end of November 2014.


  This is my oldest daughter.  She is my public schooler. Isn’t she a beauty. She earned her barbers license and is currently working in the industry but the uncertainty of her paycheck made her look elsewhere for work. Styling hair has always been something that she has always loved to do. I hope she is successful at it as I think it is very important to love what you choose to do for a living so it’s not just a job you HAVE to go to everyday. My husband snapped this picture of her on her 22nd birthday when he took her out for lunch. <3IMG_0416

This little is my youngest daughter.  I have always homeschooled her and for those that think they just don’t get socialized. She is the most social butterfly you could meet. She can and does hold conversations with people of every age. She has a heart of gold and loves animals. She plans on attending OSU (Oklahoma State University) and becoming a Veterinarian someone that works with animals but not a veterinarian.  Savannah as found new work taking care of one of the neighbors dogs when they are gone on vacation and she also helps another neighbor water her garden if they are gone over the summer. It’s not steady work like her first job was but it’s great for her. We still have the dogs and have some chickens but the rest are all gone. The hamster passed away and the others were re-homed since our new home wasn’t set up for them at present. No more goats, donkeys or horses. She stays busy with her school work. She is now a freshman in highschool and she watches the boys for me while I am at my college classes. She has also become a “fish tank person” as she is obsessed with her fish and staging their tanks and all that goes with raising fish. She also loves anime and drawing manga.

These are my guys.
This is my oldest son is an emotional wreck roller coaster. He can be the most thoughtful, caring little guy to an emotional breakdown over “un-plugged time”.  He is a wonderful big brother and has great sportsmanship and is oh so cute with his curly hair 

(the only one in 4 children)  which he now normally keeps shaved off. 🙁  After losing all four front teeth when he was younger they are finally all starting to come back in after three years without them. He loves to help and play outside and is really quick to apologize when he’s done something wrong (got to love that). Isn’t he just a doll?!? Sorry the current pic is horrible quality.0015

 This little guy is the youngest and will undoubtedly be called the baby for ever. He is the only child in 4 with blond hair and blue eyes but my youngest daughters eyes were blue until she was 3 before they changed to a beautiful unique color so they may not last either. Ryker profileWell, just as I thought his blue eyes have changed as well but they are still beautiful. His hair has darkened up some as well but will lighten again in the summer. He is the baby so he is my wild child. 😀 Momma loves you little man but you are a pistol. 
I love being at home with my children and finding cheap and fun things to do. We are actively looking for new friends in our new home town.  The boys both play soccer and Tae kwon-do and Ryan is even currently trying basketball.  Savannah is currently not involved in anything as she is staying quite busy with her fish and school but we want to get her into something. We tried violin lessons but that never panned out and we just haven’t done anything else yet since my husband is also taking college classes this spring. I’m just not sure what all we will be able to juggle. We are big time recycle freaks and our only real community service we have found to do so far is litter pickup in our community.  I love making memories with my kids and being part of their education.

          Besides my children and homeschooling, I love working outside and working with my hands. I have been gardening and canning all sorts of good stuff and I enjoy helping the neighbor clean up the pond they just bought and we finally finished fencing in our huge backyard (by ourselves).   I also LOVE wood working whether it’s refinishing a kitchen table to creating new things with wood. I follow several wood working blogs along with the dozens of giveaway blogs but due to their being a lack of hours in my day I haven’t done any wood working in a while. Since I started back to college it has taken a lot of time away from my passions and blogging.

          Thank you so much for getting to know us. I am new at running my own blog and can’t wait to watch it grow as I learn more and more. I hope I can keep improving the view on here as well!  Thanks again and good luck on the giveaways. Thanks for your time! If anyone wants to practice their skills and help me update my blog look I would love the “free” assistance. Since my husband is the only one employed my funds are currently lacking but this blog was created at our last home and a lot has changed.0017