Happy Birthday Sweet Ryker The evening you were born was an amazing day. Your daddy was there to welcome you to our family and your Oma was given the privilege of cutting your cord after your delivery and you received her father’s name as your middle name. I loved looking at and kissing your precious little baby …

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Spring Flowers


It was an absolutely beautiful day here again in Oklahoma. We were in the upper 70’s so I was outside most of the day. We started off with an awesome soccer game. Ryan was on fire today and he ran up and down that field. Then it was the little man and me outside working on …

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Dental Depot visit

Well I finally got around to it. The kids were all due for a cleaning in October but with the move we missed it and I never got it taken care of until now. I always try to use the little local guys in our small town but it just wasn’t going to happen …

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Ryker and Kinectimals

This is the cutest game for little people. Ryker is only 3 1/2 and he is the one playing this game. I watch and help him as you can hear but with the XBox Kinect he doesn’t need a controller. I just love it.

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Today my baby turned THREE. It’s crazy and sad, to me, how quickly our babies become independent little people. Here are some pictures of my sweet little guy. Happy Birthday Sweet Ryker….We love you sooooo much.

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