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Our Story

Once upon a time a Michigander met a U.S. navy sailor in Virginia Beach, VA and fell in love. After completing his service to his country he moved us to Oklahoma and put a ring on it. We moved right into tornado alley one year before the F-5 tore through. It’s trail of destruction zig zagged through Oklahoma going between our house and the in-laws. We were blessed to come through it all with no damage. Ten years later, one move, several children and multiple tornados later we had our next close call. Our daughter who was only 6 when the F-5 came through was now 16 and working at one of the truck stops at the I-44 and Choctaw road intersection when another tornado came through and destroyed them both. Our daughter and the other employee’s survived in the cooler. Well that was too close. Over the next couple years we were getting things lined up, sold our property and moved to northeastern Oklahoma and have been here ever since.

The oldest now lives in Michigan with our one and only grandchild, our little princess, while we have still managed to keep the youngest three with us. The second child we hardly ever see. She is such a go-getter and picks up extra hours all the time working between 40-60 hours a week. The youngest two are sophomores this year.

I was blogging for years but after completing nursing school and working at the hospital I didn’t have much time for it and then COVID hit and I basically set it aside for years. In the process my hosting provider merged with another company. I missed that email and now have to start over again from scratch. I think it’s very fitting though since I am starting fresh now too after recently resigning. I am excited to be back and excited to hear what everyone has been up to. Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time here today! This is our latest picture together but we are always missing one. One of our daughters is missing from this one.