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Posts published in “Side dish”

Cherry Fluff

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This delicious Cherry Fluff recipe is a fast dessert recipes you can throw together and know everyone will enjoy! This old-fashioned, no-bake dessert is called many things: Cherry Fluff Salad,…

Stewed Potatoes

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These old-fashioned stewed potatoes are a quick and easy way to add some “wow” to your meal time plans. This southern side dish is so budget-friendly, filling, and so easy…

Crack Green Beans

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These crack green beans will change your world! These are not your every day green beans, but wow what a nice change. They are also known as Southern Crack Green…

Homemade Spaetzle

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This 18th century egg noodle, pasta, dumpling, or Knöpfle, originates from southwest Germany. Spaetzle means “little sparrow” and was originally made by hand or spoon before mechanical devices. It is…