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Posts published in February 2023

Fried Spaghetti

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Fried spaghetti puts a new twist on traditional spaghetti. This pasta dish delivers tender noodles with a little crispness, drowned in a deliciously seasoned spaghetti sauce, and finally covered in…

Bacon and Cheese Turnovers

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This deceptively simple Bacon and Cheese Turnover recipe creates an effortless, fresh-from-the-oven, quick breakfast option or anytime snack. We tried two options today creating this satisfying breakfast choice with both…

Cherry Chocolate Brownies

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These Cherry Chocolate brownies are fudgy, dense, and gooey, with a texture almost like fudge just not as compact. The Ghirardelli chocolate added into the mix and sprinkled on top…

Strawberry Vanilla Cake

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This luscious strawberry vanilla cake is absolutely bursting with flavor! Enjoy a slice of heaven with a bite of vanilla cake with strawberry filling that is loaded with fresh strawberries…