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Product Description Abundant Living presents the perfect kit for beginner or master gardeners living in urban or suburban areas. This set includes 37 varieties of organic, non-hybrid, non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds strategically choosen to be planted in Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring gardens.   It also includes a Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Bentonite, a natural pest control powder that …

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Garden anyone?


It’s almost that time again. Are you ready to start your seeds off under your grow lights or do you buy plants that are ready to go? Do you have your garden planned out and seeds ordered? I just completed my order sheet and need to get my order called in so I can get …

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What’s on the menu tonight?

crockpot broccoli chicken alfredo

What on the menu tonight at your house?  I knew we had a risk of severe weather heading out way, once again, today.  So to plan ahead I threw a crock-pot meal from the freezer last night so it would be ready to go today. I also went out and gathered up some of our …

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How does your garden grow?

We are really enjoying our garden this year but have even bigger plans and goals for next year.  With just three small raised beds this year though we are still going pretty good. I have my little helpers that help me water and harvest but even though we are using Neem oil this year to …

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Picking blackberries can be hard work. Sometimes it seems like the biggest and juiciest ones are in the middle of the jungle and don’t forget those thorns. We are lucky enough to be surrounded with naturally growing Blackberry bushes that we can enjoy every spring.  We were picking blackberries for probably an hour or …

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