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Oreo Mousse Cake

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This Oreo Mousse cake is a dessert you’ll never forget. This extraordinary decadent no-bake, cheesecake is utterly divine and every chocolate lover’s dream come true. Combine together a brownie crust with Oreo cookies mixed in, followed up with a delicious chocolate mouse, and topped with a whipped topping and adorned as your heart desires with more Oreos, whipped rosettes, shaved chocolate or whatever you would like.

cake with piece missing

CAN THIS OREO MOUSSE CAKE BE MADE AHEAD OF TIME? You can make this cake a day or two before but that’s as much as I would do. Save the decorating until the day you are going to be serving it.

HOW LONG WILL THIS CAKE LAST? You can keep this cake for up to 3 or 4 days in the refrigerator if you keep it covered in plastic wrap.

image of all of the ingredients needed for this recipe
Ingredients for the brownie crust


Let’s get the oven preheating to 350 F and line our springform pan with a parchment paper round for the bottom. It only takes a few minutes to mix these ingredients together and pop in the oven to create the base for our amazing dessert.

  • BUTTER – I always use unsalted butter so I can better control the amount of salt going into my dessert recipes. The butter needs to be melted.
  • COCOA POWDER – Of course the cocoa powder is what will give these brownies their chocolatey taste.
  • EGGS – Eggs do several things for brownies. First off they act as an emulsifier. The fat in the egg yolks help the dry ingredients combine to the butter in this recipe and give the batter that creamy appearance. The protein in the eggs also helps to bind and leaven the batter. They help the crumbs stick together and help the batter to rise a bit as it is heated up. Lastly, they help to give it a richness.
  • GRANULATED SUGAR – Granulated sugar give our brownies their sweetness along with some chewiness.
  • VANILLA – Oh, vanilla is all about the taste. Vanilla just adds a delicious flavor. If you couldn’t tell, I love vanilla!
  • SALT – Speaking of flavor, salt is a flavor enhancer. It doesn’t just give a salty taste to foods but enhances flavors like the chocolate in the fudge brownies. It’s just like why people love salted caramels.
  • BAKING POWDER – Baking Powder is another leavening agent and helps the brownies to rise and cook evenly.
  • FLOUR – All purpose flour is needed to create the dense, fudgy, texture I want for this recipe. Bread flour and cake flour cannot be used in this recipe without alterations to create this crust we are looking for.
  • OREOS – They are the main attraction for this delicious treat. Oreo cookies are present in the base of this cake and on top of it.


  • SEMISWEET CHOCOLATE – You can chop up your favorite semisweet chocolate but I just used mini chips. This is used to create the chocolate layer of mousse.
  • HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM – This will be used for both the chocolate mousse layer and the whipped topping.
  • CONFECTIONERS’ (POWDERED) SUGAR – This is used to give these layers both sweetness and a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture.


slice of the completed cake on a white plate with the rest of the cake back in the background






This amazing cake comes together so quickly. The hardest thing is the waiting. You could eat it immediately but it is so much better once it has set up a bit in the refrigerator. Before really getting started I preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and line my 9″ springform pan with parchment paper.


1. First, I start off by chopping up 10 Oreo cookies into quarters. This will be added to the brownie batter, so I just get it out of the way right now.

2. I melt the butter in the microwave and whisk in the cocoa powder until there are no lumps.

mixing cocoa powder into melted butter

3. With the stand mixer I mixed together the granulated sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Once that was incorporated I added in the butter/cocoa powder mixture.

Mixing the sugar, eggs and vanilla in a stand mixer

4. Next, we add in the dry ingredients of flour, salt, and baking powder. Beat again and scrape the sides and bottom as necessary.

Then adding in the dry ingredients of flour, salt, and baking powder.

5. Finally we remove the bowl from the stand mixer and fold in the Oreo cookie pieces. Dump this into the prepared springform pan. Spread it out evenly and bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

A picture of the brownie crust before it was put in the oven.

6. Remove from the oven and (very important) let this cool completely because you don’t want to add your mousse filling onto a hot brownie crust. Once it’s cooled pop the sides of the pan. Flip it over gently and remove the parchment paper underneath and then set it back down and resecure the pan.


1. While our brownie crust is cooling we can get started with the mousse filling and whipped topping.

2. First off measure out 8 ounces of semisweet chocolate and melt it smooth. I just melted it in the microwave using 30 second increments stirring in between. Set this aside to cool to room temperature.

Melted chocolate for the Oreo Mousse Cake  chocolate mousse layer

3. Grab your stand mixer and bowl. Pour in the heavy whipping cream and confectioners’ sugar and whip until it forms stiff peaks. Take 3/4 of this whipped topping and mix it in with your melted and cooled down semisweet chocolate.

Adding the powdered sugar to the batter on a stand mixer.

4. Once it is one consistent brown color, dump it onto your cooled brownie crust and smooth into an even layer.

Close up of the chocolate layer smoothed out over the cooled brownie crust.

5. Now take the remaining 1/4 of whipped topping and spread it evenly over that layer.

picture of the white cool whip layer smoothed out on top of the completed cake.

6. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours to chill and set up.

7. Once it has set up run a knife along the inside edge of the spring form pan and open it up and remove the sides. Now you can decorate it as you please with Oreos, shaved chocolate, whipped rosettes, drizzle on chocolate, or anything else you can dream up.

*Always make sure your springform pans are leak proof before beginning to make your cakes.
*If you chill your mixing bowl before making the whipped topping it will help it to set up and form stiff peaks better.
*Don't decorate the top of your cake until the day you are going to serve it if you are making it a head of time.
* Put the springform pan sides on while it's in the refrigerator so it can be covered without touching the top of the cake.
* When cutting your cake run your knife under hot water wiping it dry for each cut for a smooth and clean cut every time. 

WHAT KIND OF PAN DO YOU NEED FOR THIS CAKE? This cake is made in a springform pan. I used a 9″ spring form pan but an 8.5″ or 9.5″ would work as well you may just need to adjust the baking time a little. If you do not have a springform pan I imagine you could use a different cake pan it just wouldn’t be as easy to cut and remove from the pan (not the same presentation).

CAN I USE A BOXED BROWNIE MIX INSTEAD OF HOMEMADE? You can use a boxed brownie mix. I would suggest the fudgy brownie type and one that makes a brownie mix for around a 9″ pan.

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Please share your creations with me if you try this recipe on Facebook and Instagram.

Oreo Mousse Cake

This mouthwatering cake is so rich, decadent and delicious! A brownie crust smothered with a chocolate heavy whip filling topped with plain whip creates this droolworthy masterpiece. Add shaved chocolate, Reddi whip rosettes, and/or drizzle with chocolate sauce to serve up and enjoy!
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Chill 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 55 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 10 slices
Calories 709 kcal


  • 1 9.5" Spring form pam You can also use a 8 or 9" Springform pan as well
  • 2 Medium to large bowls
  • 1 stand mixer a hand held mixer or by hand works as well


Brownie layer

  • ½ c Butter unsalted melted
  • ¼ c Cocoa powder
  • 2 large Eggs
  • 1 c Granulated sugar
  • tsp Vanilla
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • ¼ tsp Baking powder
  • ¾ c All-purpose flour
  • 10 Oreos chopped with a knife

Mousse filling

  • 8 oz Semi sweet chocolate
  • 3 c Heavy whipping cream
  • ½ c Powdered sugar


  • 10 Oreo cookies
  • Reddi whip
  • Chocolate sauce


  • Preheat the oven to 350°F and line a 9" springform pan with parchment paper.

Brownie layer (bottom)

  • Chop 10 Oreos into quarters and set aside.
  • Whisk together the cocoa powder and the melted butter and set it aside.
  • In your stand mixer, beat the sugar, eggs and vanilla together.
  • Mix in your cocoa/butter mixture into the sugar mixture.
  • Now add in the flour, salt, and baking powder until just combined.
  • Fold in the cookies you chopped up. Press the mixture into the bottom of the spring form pan.
  • Bake in the preheated oven at 350° for approximately 25 minutes. Remove from the oven and let it cool completely.
  • Release the spring pan, flip the brownie over and remove the parchment paper. Place the brownie back in the pan and put the spring form sides back in place.

Mousse Filling

  • Microwave the 8 oz of chocolate in 30 second increments until melted stirring each time. Let it cool to room temperature while you continue.
  • In another bowl, beat the heavy cream and powdered sugar until it forms stiff peaks.
  • Fold ¾ of the heavy cream whip into the chocolate and mix until smooth and one consistent brown color. Spread this over the brownie crust and smooth out.
  • Take the remaining ¼ of the plain heavy whip and smooth it on top of chocolate whip layer.
  • Cover the spring pan with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours. This cake sets up nicely.
  • Garnish as desired. I lined 10 Oreos around the outside edge so each slice has a cookie and sprayed Reddi whip rosettes. Drizzle slices with chocolate sauce as desired.


*You can use a box brownie mix that makes brownies in an 8 x 8 pan. 
*You could double the recipe and prepare it in a 9 x 13 if you need to feed more than 10 people. 
*For smooth, clean cuts when slicing the cake run your knife under hot water and whip clean each time. This is great for all chilled cakes like this one.
**NUTRITIONAL DISCLAIMER The nutritional information shown is an estimate, and is determined from online calculators. 


Serving: 1sliceCalories: 709kcalCarbohydrates: 65gProtein: 6gFat: 49gSaturated Fat: 29gPolyunsaturated Fat: 3gMonounsaturated Fat: 14gTrans Fat: 0.4gCholesterol: 106mgSodium: 316mgPotassium: 299mgFiber: 4gSugar: 46gVitamin A: 1346IUVitamin C: 0.4mgCalcium: 80mgIron: 5mg
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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